Children’s Orientation June,17,2012


1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am

Attendance: 1)Sarah, 2)Hanna, 3)Danniel 4) Gabriel  5) Eric(he was late, he came in at 8:45am, reason – he lives the farthest, told him he should have woke up earlier)



I let them read the prayer “Angel of God” as our opening prayer. I asked them if they greeted their fathers since it was Father’s day. Sarah and Hanna said yes but the boys are speechless. I guess they didn’t remember it’s Father’s Day. The boys promised that they will tell their father when they go home. I let each and everyone of them tell the class what they remember about their father’s good traits. Sarah told the class that her father is a good man. Whenever he comes home, he brought her food. Hanna also in her soft spoken voice remembers her father as a good man also. He buys her food and toys. Gabriel stepfather is nice to him, While Daniel’s father bring him food and buys him toys. Eric on the otherhand told the class that his father brings him “puto” (rice cake) whenever he comes home. I also let each and everyone read the posters and explain what it means. In this way, I will know who doesn’t understand what they are reading. Everyone understands except Gabriel. He had difficulty in reading.


Afterwards, I let the children change their clothes into school uniforms for picture taking. Mr. Kazu then took pictures of them as a group and also individually. Afterwards, they change their uniforms, ready for eating their snacks.


Their mother’s helped me in preparing snacks for the children. We served them hamburger and pineapple juice.

 At 10:00am, I sent them home.

    2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm


Attendance: Fortune, Dorothy, Anna, lily, Rachel, Nikky, Charles, James, Mike Ava(she was late, she arrived 11:15am with her mother) Accdg to Rowena, she lost track of time because she doesn’t have a clock in the house!


Jack is absent. (I texted his father, no answer. I called him up, his phone is off.)




We started at exactly 10:30am. We prayed the “Our Father” and they make their good morning greetings to everyone. I asked them if they know what we celebrated this Sunday? Only 3 answered that it was Father’s Day. They were Fortune, Rachel and Dorothy. I asked everyone what they can remember from their father like advices and lessons learned. First it was Fourtune who said that she remembered her father telling her to watch over her elder sister who is a special child. Next was Dorothy who said that her father loves her so much that everytime her father arrives, he buys her food. His father is also a good man. If he has money, he will give her some. He buys everything Dorothy needs. Then it was Anna’s turn. She said her father is also a good man. He buys them food whenever there’s money. Next is James. Although his parents are separated, this Father’s day, he will visit him in Opra, Cebu City. His father sometimes gives him money but he will not accept them. He doesn’t know why. I advised him to accept them because it is his obligation to attend to your needs because you are his son. It was Charles’s turn. He said his father is a good man. He taught him how to draw. Next was Nikky. She is very shy amongst them. I was bothered about her attitude. She doesn’t mingle with them. She stares at the wall, reads the poster near her. I always remind her to face infront. She said in tears that she remembered her father telling them that he is doing everything he can to support her and her sisters in school. And the she sobbed. It was now Rachel’s turn. She said that her father taught her many things. Aim high to succeed. Study harder and when she finishes her studies, it is her turn to support her brothers in their studies. He also told her that she is not allowed to have a boyfriend. Studies first. Next is Lily. She wasn’t able to greet her father because she didn’t know it’s Father’s day. She remembered that her father is also a good man. Her father is a security guard and his schedule is at night and goes home when she is at school. She said she will text her father her greetings. Next is Mike. His father taught him how to draw. He brings him also food. Last was Ava. She said that her father is a good man and he loves them very much.


Next I talked about the purpose of the children’s activities every Sunday. I want them to show off their skills and talents. Nurture and develop them so that they will be able to enjoy their life to the fullest. The children now are very eager to share their talents. First, I told them that everybody sings the song “The Greatest Love of All”. Rachel and Fortune rendered a song entitled “Shine”. Mr. Kazu agreed he loves that song. We had fun. I let them waved their hands during the chorus of the song. Afterwards, I told them to change their clothes into uniforms for picture taking as a group and individually. While I was busy preparing their snacks. Only R. was there to help me.


After the picture taking, snacks were served hamburger and pineapple juice. The culmination video was also shown to them.


The children want to show off their talents but I told them to reserve them for the next Sunday’s to come.


In this session, the children are very much alive despite it is lunch time. After finishing their snacks, each and everyone washes their tumblers and brush their teeth. They don’t want to go home yet. I sent them home at 12:15pm.


Dorothy, Annaand Fortune stayed longer. Mr. Kazu and Dorothy played a game using a pen and wyteboard. They played like a tic-tac-toe but 25 squares involve. I introduced connect the dots. It is a strategy game. Mr. Kazu tried to play 3 times with Dorothy and won all the time. When she tried to play with me, I lost but the succeeding rounds, it was victory for me.  But her father fetched her, so it was time for her to go home. While Anna and Fortune are surfing the net. The three of us had a karaoke with the song of Jessa Zaragoza, a local singer entitled . Fortune was copying the lyrics in the laptop. When she finished she left with Anna because it was almost 2pm. Indeed, Kayla and Ashley arrived at the office together with Andrew.



3rd  Session – High School


Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Attendance: Ashley, Kayla, Andrew and Chloe (She arrived very late. Around 3:00pm, when asked why, she just finished washing their clothes. She had an angry look in her face and confessed also that she had a quarrel with her mother.)


We started at 2:00pm. I talked with them the purpose of the orientation and the important parts of the scholarship program for the beneficiaries. And also about their fathers, I asked them what lessons did their father taught them. Ashley greeted her father, Happy Father’s day! Whenever she has time, she goes to her father and visit him near Prince Warehouse Club. Her parents are separated but she is a happy because she gets to see them both. She has the loveliest smile of them all. Kayla greeted her Father through text. Andrew will be visiting his father in pier and I told him to greet him. I talked to them how important to have a father. I shared my views and my experiences with my own father. Chloe was not able to catch up with our discussion because when she arrived, it is time for picture taking. Catherine change her clothes wearing uniform. The 3 girls have different skirts because they hail from different schools. Ashley goes to Talamban Night School, Andrew and Kayla in Abellana and Chloe in Tejero Night School. Before eating their snacks, they changed their clothes. After, they watched the Culmination video while I was preparing their snacks.


No mother helped me in the preparation of their snacks. But it was fine with me because there is only 4 of them. Snacks was served and they washed their tumblers and all the dishes in the lavatory. Kayla was very helpful. She washed them all while Chloe ask permission to search her assignment in Filipino in the internet. After awhile, at 4pm, they were dismissed.



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