Children’s Activities July 22, 2012

1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am


Attendance: 1) Eric, 2) Gabriel 4) Sarah 5)Honey Laramae Montecillo

I let Shyla lead the prayer “Our Father” as our opening prayer.


We have three Japanese guests today namely Ms. Eiko, Ms. Hika and Ms. Lou. The children greeted them shyly. Ms. Lou introduced herself first. Children ask Ms. Lou personal questions like how many are you in the family, the ages of her elder sister and father and mother, their names and what university she goes to school. Ms. Lou was eager to answer them all. It was Edward who has many questions. Genesis also is participating with Shyla and Deldrics. Honey was very meek. She just listens and has no questions at all. It was Ms. Hika's turn to introduce herself. Again everyone ask personal questions. She was asked what is her talent and she said she loves listening to music but doesn't have a favorite foreign song. She asked the children to teach her. Genesis, Deldrics and Edward show their talent in singing. They sang an action song "Ang Balay ko sa Langit". Then it was the girls' turn to render their song "Chikading". The song ia about 5 birds that are sitting in the tree, 1 flew away how many are left and they flap their arms singing chikading chikading and so on and so forth until none was left. Then Ms. Hika and Ms. Lou prepared some games with the children. They teach the children to shake hands and decide using their palm for paper, scissors and rock. Here we call it Bato, Bato, Pick! of Jack en Poy. If you decide for rock (clinched fist) and your partner displayed open palm, paper, the one who is rock opens his feet wide because he loses until he cannot open wide enough he loses in the game. The next game was like a Sumo wrestling. Both their feet is together in a square and they should push each other using their hands. The one who will loss his balance will lose the game. Next was touching the opposite knee of the partner. If a player touches the knee of his partner, he wins. The last one was they sit on the floor hands at the back and they push their feet at each other until the one is pushed away, loses the game. Eveybody enjoyed the game. Then we proceed with sand art. I gave the children a train sticker, included are the colored sand and toothpick. There is also a picture of the colored train that they will copy. Only the red sand was being used on the sticker because it was almost time for their snacks. I let them finish as their assignment. At exactly 9:40 am Arroz Caldo(lugaw with chicken and carrots) was served to the children. I distributed also to the children the rice cookies given by our guests.  They ate them all except Honey. She is the slowest during eating tiime. Afterwards they washed their bowls and plates and tumblers, brushed their teeth and Edward lead the closing prayer "Angel of God".  At exactly 10:00am the children went home.


At this time many children were coming in and blessing the hands of everybody like our guests including me and Mr. Kazu. Lou was asking if what is that gesture? I explained to her that is our Filipino tradition to bless the hands of our elders when we arrive and leave the office as a sign of respect for the elders.


I thanked C.G and J.B who helped me prepare their snacks.



2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm


Attendance: Ava, Jack, Fortune, Dorothy, Rachel, Anna , Lily, Nicole Mamogay, Charles, Mike


(James is absent today. I called her mother Evelyn that they are looking for a house to transfer because there is no current in their present house they live. They didn't sell candles in Sto Nino.)



We started at exactly 10:30am. Rachel and Anna  lead the prayer. They performed an action prayer song, "You are My All in All" . Everybody performed the Maru Maru Mori Mori as their exercise including Ms. Lou and Ms. Hika as their leaders.


The children greeted our Japanese guests Ms. Eiko, Ms Hika and Ms. Lou. They introduced themselves to the children and answered their questions the childrern ask them. They let them show off their talent. Both sang their Japanese National Anthem. I love the melody because it sounds like a lullabye. In return, the children sang our national anthem, "Lupang Hinirang". Ms. Lou knew how to sang the Lupang Hinirang lyrics and the children and I were astonished.


Our topic for today was about Respectfulness. I let the children form 3 groups. Each group will perform the acts of being respectful to others. I gave them 15 minutes to come up with a presentation. First group to present was the group composed of Ava, Fortune, Anna and  Dorothy. Ava represents the car on the street, the old woman crossing the street was donna, Anna and Fortunr were playing on the streets. When the children saw the car approaching when the old woman was about to cross the street, they stopped playing then they helped the old woman cross the street. The old woman thanked them. The next to perform were the boys namely Charles, Mike and James. Charles and Mike were playing basketball until they got irked with each other. Jack approached them and told them not to fight because they are just playing. They show their respect by shaking their hands, forget their differences and make up. The next group is composed of  Rachel, Lily and Nikky. Lily is the mother of Rachel and Nikky. She went home from the market. When Rachel saw her mother, she blessed her hand and carried the basket of her mother to the house. Nikky was asked where is her mother's celphone and she said it is mine and argued to her mother. She was displaying disrespect to her mother by not telling the truth and arguing with her mother while Rachel showed sign of respect because she blessed her mother's hand and helped her bring the basket. We all clapped hands for their performances that they all really understand being respectful.


Ms. Lou then introduce the game "Who am I?". All the children have animal names at their back. They haven't seen what animal name was put on their back. They can ask from their co-scholars what is the color of the animal, and all the characteristics like what sound does it make. Once they know "who they are?" they go to Ate lou and she will give her animal sticker as their prize. It was Nikky who is a fox and Ava who is a chicken were the last ones to guess! Next game was "Trip to Jerusalem"  9 empty chairs were put on the center of the room while 10 children dance around the chairs in clockwise direction. Maru Maru music was played and when the music stops, the children they sits on the empty chair. The one who doesn't sit properly or was left standing because all the chairs are occupied, he is out of the game. Then a chair is taken, everytime the music stops. it was Anna who won this game because she is very wise and alert. She received a prize. Everydbody enjoyed the games. At 11:45, their snacks "Arroz Caldo" was served. they loved the taste. Mr. Kazu, Ms. Lou and Ms. Hika ate Arroz Caldo as their lunch as well. They were very "busog" eating the lugaw. I then distributed the rice cookies brought by our guest. Everybody received 3 kinds of cookies. The children then washed their bowls, plates and tumblers and brushed their teeth. For our closing prayer, we make a big circle and we sit on the floor, holding hands, we sing the "Amahan Namo" prayer. At 12:15, I bade the children goodbye but they all stayed until 12:55pm playing volleyball, and badminton with our guests and their co-scholars.



3rd  Session – High School

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm


Attendance: Ashley, Andrew and Kayla.


(Chloe came in the office at 9:30am because she asked permission from Mr.Kazu that she will be absent from the afternoon session class because she has to attend to a very important matter.)


We started at 1:00pm. The children started their afternoon greetings with our guests. Ashley introduced herself first to our guest. Next was Kayla and last was Andrew. Again, Ms. Lou and Ms. Hika introduced themselves to the children.


Our topic was about "Respectful". I let Ashley read the page. I ask all the children if they are being respectful to their mothers, grandmothers or to their fathers as well. everyone shared their experiences being respectful to their mothers and grandmothers. They bless them when they come home from school. They help them even without being told. They don't shout at their elders.


Ms. Hika has a deck of playing cards. She taught the children 3, 2, 1 pass. We call it 1, 2, 3 pass. Each player should have 4 cards each. When they open their cards, they have to collect same numbers and they pass to the left player their unwanted card until they will form 4 same number. The first to complete will then grab a thing in front and the rest will also grab a something. The person who has nothing to grab is the loser. The next game was called "Monkey Monkey" or in our dialect "Unggoy Unggoy". A joker card was set aside. the 51 cards are all distributed to all players. When all the cards are distributed, each player should pair and take out from the set of cards in their hands. All cards left on their hands should have no pair. then, each player would get a card from the left player and check them if there is a pair in their possession until all the cards have pairs. They take turns in picking cards from the player on the left side. The card with the joker left with the players is the loser (or we call it Unggoy or monkey). It was Ms. Hika who is the monkey. I suggested the next card game. It is called Memory game. All the 52 cards are scattered on the floor face down. Each player take turns opening 2 cards. If a player opens the same number, he will pair them and be taken out from the floor and be put aside for counting later. If not, they should put  again face down the card. The players should remember where is the location of the cards that he remebered so that when he opens the same number, he can pair them later. The most number of pairs when all the cards have been paired off wins the game. This time Kayla won the memory game. The children enjoyed the games. Their snacks was then served at 2:35pm, Arroz caldo. They loved to eat the lugaw. Kayla and Ashley was comparing their bulging stomachs. Ashley washed the bowls and tumblers while Kayla and Andrew brushed their teeth. While waiting for Ashley, Andrew and Kayla were playing volleyball outside the office. When Ashley was finished,  Kayla led the closing prayer "Glory Be To The Father".


At exactly 3:00pm we proceeded to Kayla's house for a visit. We all walked from the office to their house. It took us about 25 minutes to reach their place.





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