Children’s Activities July 15, 2012

1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am

Attendance: 1) Eric, 2) Gabriel, 3)Daniel, and 4)Hanna

(Sarah is still absent because she is still recuperating from her operation on Hernia.


I let Hanna lead the prayer “Our Father” as our opening prayer.


First I check the fingernails and toenails of the children. All of their fingernails are clean. Only Hanna has clean toenails. I told them next time their toes will be brushed so that they will be cleaned.


I bought a book entitled “Designed by God so I must be Special”. Hanna read about the the eyes that God gave us. I asked Hanna if she understands what she is reading. She said “yes”. I explained to them each and every sentence what it means. Although they know how to read, the boys didn’t understand what they are reading. Next to read was Eric. Eric read about the ears that God gave us. He reads so slow and doesn’t know the pronunciation yet. I helped him pronounced the words correctly.  It was Daniel turn to read. He read about the nose that God gave us. Daniel reads with his fingers pointing at the words on the book. Last was Gabriel, he read about the skin that God gave us. He can read but in a stammering voice. He was very eager to learn about the story that we are reading. Then back to Hanna, she read about the body that God gave us. Then Eric read about the mind that God gave us. Daniel read about our hearts that God gave us. Lastly, Gabriel read about the spirit that God gave us. They were all happy to hear the story. I then let them copy the story in their notebooks. Everyone was eager to write them. Gabriel was the first to finish, second was Daniel, 3rd was Hanna and last was Eric. Afterwards, they have their snacks footlong hotdog in a bun.


I let Eric lead the closing prayer. I thanked  A. M and J.B who helped me prepare their snacks.


At 10:00 the class was dismissed.



2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm


Attendance: Jack, Fortune, Dorothy, Rachel, Anna, Lily, Nikky, Charles, James, Mike, Ava,



We started at exactly 10:30am. Dorothy, and Anna lead the prayer. They performed an action prayer song.

James, Jack, Mike and Charles volunteered to lead the exercise which is “Follow the Leader”. Everyone enjoyed the exercise. 


The children had their greetings. We have a guest her name is Shitomi. They greeted Mam Shitomi. She was delighted to see the children and observed the whole activity of the 2nd session. Then, I inspected the childrens’ fingernails and toenails. Everyone has clean  fingernails. Only few have dirty toenails. According to Dorothy, her toenails indeed are very clean after brushing them with a used toothbrush.


Our topic for today was about Honesty. It was Anna who red the paragraph first. Aanna is a good reader. She pronounces the words well. James shared his experience about being honest. One time there was a man who pass by riding his tricycle and dropped his money. When James saw the money, he pick it up and ride on his cousin's bike to give the money back to his rightful owner. Because of his honesty, he was given a reward by the man. According to Fortune, sometimes she doesn't want to tell the truth so that her mother will not scold her. Dorothy and Lily agreed. I told them those are "white lies" but I encouraged them to always tell the truth because our mothers will always undertand us if we tell the truth. I told them also to be open to their mothers whatever problems they encounter. Everybody loves their mother that they don't want them to get angry. I was telling them also that it is not good to steal. And gave them examples like, when I see coins or money on the street, I give them in the church. Many times when I was in my elementary, I walk home. I sometimes found things or money. If I keep them, I lost times 10 of the amount I found. I always tell them also that stealing is one of the mortals sins because it is disobeying the 10 commandments. I also told them the saying "An honest centavo is better than a stolen peso". Rachel read the next paragragh about honesty. She sometimes eat the food that her mother sells withour asking permission. I always tell the children to always tell the truth because you will always be hiding and you will not have peace of mind.


After the lecture, I let them finish the test I gave them last Sunday. It is about temperature reading, adding and subtracting numbers, determining the smallest and the greatest number in the selection, multiplication of 2digit numbers and graph. It was about science, math and english for 10 - 11 yrs old. Lily got the highest score of 44 out of 50 answers. She finished first last Sunday. Rachel finished second and she got a score of 34. The rest finished their test last Sunday. Also the children were the ones who check the test of their fellow scholars. Lily and Rachel acts as their consultant and watchers. Here are the scores of other childrern;

Anna 35, James 23, Dorothy 13, Nikky 13,  Jack 11, Mike 9, Fortune 9, Charles 8, Ava 7.


I observe that children who are silent during the exam, they got the lowest scores. Meaning they are afraid to ask the teacher what the instruction meant. Childrern who ask questions that they cannot understand the English instruction got good scores. Aila was glad to take the test because they had an exam about smallest and greatest numbers and she knows already. It was easy for her to understand. I ask them if they want exams, everybody chorused they love to tae exams. They really want to learn more and I'm glad.


Their snacks were then served. Footlong hotdog in a bun with mayonaise and catsup and cheese. Everybody was hungry by that time to they delighted about their snacks. They put more catsup on their food and said "lami". The children then washed their plates and tumbler then brushed their teeth. Others were still asking for more hotdog but I told them that's all I can serve them, only 1 footlong hotdog each child. During their snacks, the children talked with Mam Shitomi and ask so many questions about her daughter and show them the picture of her daughter, 12 yrs of age.


For our closing prayer, everybody squat on the floor holding hands and sang the “Our Father” prayer.  


I bade them goodbye but some stayed in the office playing volleyball, playing badminton outside the office. Mam Shitomi left the office after the session.


3rd  Session – High School

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm


Attendance: Ashley, Chloe, Andrew and Kayla.


We started at 1:15pm. We started even though only Ashley and Chloe were present. At 1:45pm, Kayla and Anrew arrived. According to them, it was difficult to get a jeepney ride because there are few and they are all full of passengers. During Sundays, many drivers take their day off to spend quality time with their families.


Our topic was about "Honesty". I let each of them read every page. I ask Ashley and Chloe how honest they are considering they have a store. They admitted they get food from the store and few coins to buy other food and they were giggling because they will be scolded if they ask money from their mothers. Kayla also admitted that she sometimes not return all the change when her mother tell her to buy something. Andrew also doesn't tell the truth when her mother gives him money to buy food, he will go the the internet and play and the money left is small amount to buy food. He was laughing. But he admitted that he loves staying at the shop during summer. 


I gave them spelling test 10 items. All of them got below 5 scores! I gave them another test. I wrote RESPECTFUL on the board. In 20 minutes, write as many 4 to 7 letter words you can make from the word. I also joined so that I can present to them what I can do. To have a score, your word should not be present from others who take the test. It will be crushed out. For 4 letter word - 1 point, 5 letter word - 2 points, 6 letter word - 3 points and 7 letter word - 4 points. If you have words not in the dictionary, your score is negative. Chloe scored the highest, 35 points. Kayla and Ashley got the lowest, 3 points. Andrew got 5. They love the test. They crave for more in the next Sundays to come. They will now study the dictionary. They were all poor in spelling. Chloe got the edge in word forming because she loves to read novels.


They are their snacks Footlong bunwich with dressing and cheese. They ate everything up since they are the last one to take their snacks. Everybody helped each other clean up. They brushed their teeth after cleaning. Andrew dedn't help because he was to finish his birthday card for his sponsor.


Kayla lead the closing prayer.


At 3:30pm, the children went home.




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