Children’s Activities July 8, 2012

1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am


Attendance: 1) Eric, 2) Gabriel, 3)Daniel 4)Hanna

(Sarah is absent because she is in the hospital since Friday for her laboratory tests. She will be having her operation on Hernia on Monday July 9, 2012 at 11:00am.




I let Daniel lead the prayer “Our Father” as our opening prayer.


Our topic was about The Alphabet but this time I gave them a puzzle that I took from a Kids Kompendium – a whole heap of activities, games puzzles to do for 5-10 yrs old. It is called an Alphabet fun. There are blocks of letters on the sheet. Olivia, has to find her way back to her friends by colouring the stepping stones following the letters of the alphabet to find the way through. The first to finish was Gabriel, then second was Daniel, third was Eric and last was Hanna. But Hanna was the fastest to write her name on the paper! Next I gave them an Adding and Subtracting test for ages 5-7. Everybody was having difficulty on understanding simple instructions. But once they ask and understand the instructions, they were able to answer them correctly. Gabriel was the first to finish, then second was Daniel then 3rd was Eric, and Hanna was last. She is still in grade 2 but she got perfect score. She is slow but 100% sure of her answer. I asked the children if they learned something. Everybody said “Yes”. 


I let Eric lead the closing prayer. I thanked Ma. A.M and J.B who helped me prepare their snacks, “Boiled Sweet Corn with Margarine & Cheese powder topping”


At 10:00 the class was dismissed.



2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm


Attendance: Jack, Fortune, Dorothy, Rachel, Anna, Lily, Nikky, Charles, James, Mike, Ava (came in 13minutes late!)




We started at exactly 10:30am. Dorothy and Rachel lead the prayer. They performed an action prayer song. James volunteered to lead the exercise which is “Follow the Leader”. Everyone enjoyed the exercise. Jack and Mike would love to perform the “Follow the Leader next Sunday.


Before anything else, I inspected the childrens’ fingernails and toenails. Everyone has very dirty toenails. Only few have dirty fingernails which they readily washed and brushed their fingernails on the washing area. Fortune brushed her toenails with a used toothbrush that I brought and I presented them to the class. Her toenails looks very clean! If your toenails are brushed individually, it will look very clean. Dorothy used a bigger brush, when I inspected, her toenails are still dirty.


Our topic was about Respect/Concern for Others. I let Joeven read the first page. He doesn’t read well. The next page, I let John Brixter read. He reads well. He followed the correct pronunciation and intonation. Reuelen was telling the class how to be concern to others and respect them. I also told them that they should remember the golden rule “Do unto others what others want to do unto you”. And they listened.


I gave them a test for ages 10-11 so that I will know who are not good in Math. Lily was the first one to pass. The others have not finished. Time was running out, so I decided to let the children finish next Sunday and discuss to them the answers to the questions. They were all excited to take the tests. I was so happy that everybody took the test without hesitation. Of course, I was willing to help them understand the instruction. I gave them tips and technique before and during the tests.


Then they were all excited about their snacks. Sweet corn with margarine and cheese powder toppings. Everybody except Mike love the corn. They all said “lami” meaning delicious. The children then washed their and tumbler then brushed their teeth.


For our closing prayer, everybody squat on the floor holding hands and sang the “Amahan Namo” prayer.  


I bade them goodbye but some stayed in the office playing volleyball, playing badminton and some are writing and drawing on the wyteboard. They were very happy to play with Mr. Kazu.


At 12:45pm they all went home. Some are being fetched by their parents.



3rd  Session – High School

Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Attendance: Ashley, Chloe, Andrew and Kayla.


We started at 2:15pm. We started even though only Chloe and Andrew were present.

First I inspected their fingernails and toenails. Andrew bites his fingernails. All their toenails are dirty. I  let them scrub their toes with a brush at home.


Respect/Concern for Others was our topic. I let them read the book first was Chloe then next page was Andrew. Kayla and Ashley came 20 minutes late. So I started to read again the book and ask for examples from the late comers. Then I let them make a poster for the 2nd session and 3rd afternoon session. Using the cartolina as background, origami papers as their decorative for the scholars’ individual pictures. They looked very colorful and very nice. I will get a picture after it will be finished.


They ate their snacks, boiled sweet corn  with margarine and cheese powder. They were laughing and have their bonding moments during snack time. They took turns in washing the plates they used. Now it was Andrew’s turn to wash. He didn’t mind at all that it was his turn. He accepted the chore happily.


Ashley lead the closing prayer.


At 4:00pm, the children went home.


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