Children’s Activities August 12, 2012

1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am

Attendance: 1) Gabriel ,2) Eric 3) Sarah 4)Hanna and 5) Daniel

I let Sarah lead the prayer “Angel of God” as our opening prayer.

We have many visitors this day. I let the children introduce themselves to our guests. Then Ms. Mao, Ms. Mica, Ms. Mizuho, Ms.Honoka and Ted introduced themselves to the children.

Ms. Mica, Ms. Mizuho and Ms.Honoka taught the children how to sing and dance the Vegetable song. Then they made a big circle and played pass the bottle when the music is played. If the music will change, the bottle will be passed at the reverse direction.When the music stops, the one who has the bottle is out of the game. Sarah won in this game.

It was Ms. Mao’s turn to teach the children about music. She let them read the notes that she wrote on the colored paper. Ted helped her flashed the notes in front of the children. Ms. Mao let them clapped their hand according to the notes that they read. Eric was very attentive. You can see on his face that he wants to learn. He always raises his hand. Daniel on the other hand is very shy but when Ms. Mao called him to perform, he obediently did it successfully. Everybody was so happy for him. This time, Ms. Mao used a tambourine to play the notes. Everybody tried the tambourine. Ms. Mao also teach them how to play the notes on a piano. Ms. Mao blew air through the nozzle attached to the piano and a note will be played. Everybody took turns in playing the piano. Ms. Mao also played the flute. She played the “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” on the flute. It sounded so wonderful.

I already cooked in our house their snacks “Bami”. We served them “Bam i”, sliced bread and “puso”. The children used their chop sticks to eat their snacks. All the Japanese guests were also ready to teach the children how to hold their chopsticks. Eric was the first to finish his snacks. As usual, it was Hanna who finished last.

Hanna lead the closing prayer. At 10:10 am, the children went home.

I thanked C,G, Ma. A and J who helped me prepare their snacks. They all cooked the “puso” and helped me serve them to the children.


2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

Attendance: 1.) James2.) Jack 3.) Mike 4.) Fortune  5.) Charles 6.) Nikky 7.) Rachel 8.) Anna

                       9.) Dorothy 10.) Ava 11.) Lily


We started at exactly 10:30am. Fatima and Rachel lead the prayer. They performed an action prayer song “Give Thanks”. James leads the “Follow the Leader” exercise. Ms. Eiko arrived at this time.

After the children’s morning greetings, I let the children introduce themselves to our Japanese guests. Fortune was the first to introduce herself. She was laughing because she is so shy. Anna was very eager to introduce herself just like in a beauty pageant. Rachel also introduced herself with pride. The rest of the scholars just say their names, the grade and school they are in.

All the Japanese guests introduce themselves specially Ms. Mica, Ms. Honoka, Ms. Mizuho, Ms. Mao, Ted and Apollo. Apollo donated curls and biscuits which I served them all during snack time. Ms. Mica, Ms. Honoka and Ms. Mizuho taught the children many things. They practice their chopsticks by picking red beans from a paper cup to the other. They also had message relay. The children formed 2 lines. The game is called message relay. The Japanese person at the back whispers the message to the child in front and tells her message until it reaches at the front and whisper it to the “Moderator” the answer and she will determine who speaks the correct Japanese word. The group of Rachel won the game.

It was Ms. Mao’s turn to teach them about music. The children learned quickly because some have lessons already in school. She taught them how to read the notes, through clapping the hands to familiarize the notes. Then it was applied on the piano and flute. The children tried also to play the tambourine. Ms. Mao donated the used tambourine, flute and piano to Sapnay. The children thanked Ms. Mao for her generousity. Everybody took turns using the musical instruments.

We served the snacks “Bam I” to the children and we let our guest taste the “Bam i” and “puso” that we made. The children were ready with their chopsticks. The guests as well taught the children how to use the chopstics. Everybody liked our food, they say “lami” meaning delicious. Afterwards, they washed their plates and tumblers and brushed their teeth. At 12:45pm, we formed a big circle and sat on the floor. We sang the “Our Father” prayer for our closing prayer as we hold hands. Ms. Mao went out first and then Apollo left afterwards.

The children stayed until 1:00 pm.

I thanked Y.Y and R,S for helping me out during the serving of the snacks to the Japanese guest and children.

3rd  Session – High School

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Attendance: Chloe, Andrew, Ashley,

Kayla is absent.

We started at 1:15pm. Only Catherine was present at 1:00 pm. Andrew arrived at 1:13pm so we started our session with an opening prayer at exactly 1:15pm. Ashley arrived at 1:35 pm.  

Chloe lead the opening prayer, “Our Father”.

Ms. Mica, Ms. Honoka, and Ms. Mizuho teach the high school students a game. First, they are to draw what fruit they like. They have to choose only 3. Namely, banana, pineapple, strawberry and they have different colors at the sides. Then they all got chairs and formed a circle. 1 participant stands at the center. She will say “I will choose pineapple”. All with pineapple on their head should transfer to another chair. The one who cannot sit down is the one who will pick what fruit or color she likes. She can also choose fruit basket, meaning everybody will stand up. One should be quick in thinking what fruit or color you would like to stand up to transfer places. Ms. Eiko and Mr. Kazu joined the high school students. They had wonderful time together.

I then served their snacks while the 3 young Japanese girls bid goodbye to the children because they have to go some place. The high school students were left eating their “bam I”, “puso” and slice bread as their snacks. Ashley brought her calculator because the answer of the numbers key in to the calculator will display fractions. It was Ted who helped them solved their problem with their calculator. Thanks to Ted. The children then washed their plates and tumblers and brushed their teeth.

Ashley lead our closing prayer.

At exactly 3:00 pm, we all went out to the office. We proceed and have a house visit to Chloe’s house. At 4:30pm we all went home.


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