Children’s Activities August 5, 2012

1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am

Attendance: 1) Eric, 2) Gabriel, 3) Sarah and 4)Hanna

(Danniel is absent)

I let Gabriel lead the prayer “Angel of God” as our opening prayer.

I let them copy a poem in their notebooks. Last time they copied already 2 pages. Today, they will finish the 7 pages. As usual, Eric is very hardheaded. I always remind him to bring his notebook but he always forget to bring it during activity. Now he is writing on the paper. I warned him that next Sunday, he should bring his notebook.  He was the slowest to copy the poem but his handwriting was improving. Very neat and readable. Genesis was fast but his handwriting was not good. On the next blank page of their notebook, I let them draw a girl in the picture to their notebooks for Sarahand Hanna, they draw a boy for Gabriel and Erick. Everyone colored them with the crayons that our visitors gave them.

Afterwards, C.G and I served them  noodles in a cup. Mr. Kazu donated chopsticks so that the children can learn how to use it. He demonstrated to the children. It was Sarah who learned first how to use the chopsticks. Hanna was very silent while trying to eat her noodles with chopsticks. Gabriel and Eric were challenged by the girls. Later they already know how to use them Everybody ate their noodles and gulp their soup except Hanna who ate only half. Everybody was happy that now they learned how to use chopsticks. 

Gabriel lead the closing prayer. At 10:00 am, the children went home.

I thanked C.G and M.A who helped me prepare their snacks – Cup noodles, bread and juice.



2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

Attendance: Fortune, Rachel, James , Ava, Mike, Anna, Dorothy,Lily, Nikky 

(Jack is absent.)

(Charles is absent. Her mother texted me at 7:00am in the morning. Because of Ironman, Triathlon, their roads are closed and  no one is allowed to cross the streets because they might get hit by the participants of the said event.)


We started at exactly 10:30am. Fortune and Rachel lead the prayer. They performed an action prayer song. Everybody performed “Call me Maybe Dance” as their exercise with James as the leader. I was performing the dance too at the back. After the exercise, we clapped our hands for James who was very cooperative and shared with us his knowledge in dancing which he learned from Bangkal Elementary School. Faortune even commented that James was not ashamed to perform a dance in front of everybody!

Today, our topic is about “Helpfullness”. I let Fortune read the first page about the topic, then Anna for the next page and James for the last page. I want them to read because I want to correct them the pronunciation of the words. Afterwards, I let them enumerate as many as they can the value they have encountered on their daily lives in school, in their house and in the office. The more they enumerate, the more points they will get. Rachel got the highest score of 33 points while Fortune got the lowest score of 8.

Afterwards, it was a unanimous decision that they elect the Sapnay scholar officers. They elected the following:

President: Rachel

Vice President: Nikky

Secretary: Lily

Treasurer: Anna

PRO’s: Mike and Dorothy

Sgt-at-Arms: James and Ava

No parent was able to help me in preparing the snacks of the children. Nenfa dropped by and told us that she has an emergency meeting with her boss. Marites on the otherhand was also absent since Chrisjiem was not around. Mr. Kazu voluntarily helped me in preparing their noodles and setting up the table.

We served the noodles and we gave them the chopsticks. I announced to them that Mr. Kazu will teach them how to use the chopsticks properly. I instructed them to write their names on the chopsticks so that they will not be interchange. Mr. Kazu then demonstrated to the children how to use them. It was Anna who learned first. Lane Lily was not happy to eat her noodles with chopsticks. She never learned. She ate her noodles using 1 stick only. Mike, on the other hand don’t like to eat noodles. He gave his share to Rachel and Anna. He just ate bread. According to him, he will have headache when he smells the noodles. Indeed at the end of the snack time, he had headache! The children were happy that they enjoyed using chopsticks in eating noodles. I let them bring their chopsticks at home and practice using it. Maybe during lunchtime, they will be using chopsticks, not spoon and fork. The children told Mr. Kazu since they learned to use chopsticks, Mr. Kazu should learn how to use his hands in eating just like the Filipinos. He commented that he had seen Filipinos eat with their bare hands inside plastic so that the hand will not get dirty! After eating, the children were happy that they are not washing dishes because the cup is disposable. They just wash their sticks and tumblers. They then brushed their teeth.   

At 12:30, we say our closing prayer “Angel of God” holding each other’s hands. I bade the children goodbye and they all chorused that they will stay longer and they played. Before 1:00pm, they went home because some were being fetched by their parents.


3rd  Session – High School

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Attendance: Chloe, Andrew, Ashley, and Kayla

Chloe was the earliest to arrive. She arrived at 12:40pm. Andrew arrived at 1:10, Ashley arrived at 1:25pm because her parents were quarelling, and nobody will tend the store. So we started the session at 1:15pm. Kayla arrived at 2:15pm which I considered her absent. According to Kayla, she has a lot of errands to do which her mother commanded.

Andrew lead the opening prayer, “Our Father”.

At the start, we discussed the topic “Helpfullness”. I read the first page and discussed them to Chloe and Andrew. Chloe read the 2nd page and site some examples she encountered in  school, at home and in the office. Andrew read the 3rd page and site also some examples he encountered in the mentioned places. Then Ashley arrived. I let her read the 3 pages and let her also site some examples which she happily shared to us. When we are about to finish the topic, Kayla arrived. I told her that we are done and we will proceed eating their snacks. I prepared for their snacks while Mr. Kazu was setting up the table. Noodles were served as their snacks. I distributed the chopsticks and let them write their names on them. Mr. Kazu then taught the children how to use the chopsticks. At first they had difficulty and it was Ashley who learned first. It was Kayla who learned last. But Chloe was complaining that she will never be full if she uses chopsticks. Andrew on the other hand learned later without complaining. At the end of the session, they thanked Mr. Kazu for providing them and teaching them how to use the chopsticks. I then have the calculator to Andrew and the 3 girls were discussing that they got wrong answers using the calculator. They told me that there was no English instruction in it. So I got Andrew’s calculator and check on the box if it had English instruction and there was indeed inside. The 3 girls will then check their English instructions because they assuming that the available was only in Spanish, German and they didn’t bother to check the one left. Next Sunday, they will compare notes and bring their calculators. They then wash their sticks and tumblers. They brushed their teeth.

 At 3:00 pm, Ashley say our closing prayer “Glory Be”, then they all went home.


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