Children’s Activities August 26, 2012

1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am


Attendance: 1) Eric 2) Gabriel 3)Daniel 4) Hanna and 5) Sarah



I let Eric lead the prayer “Our Father” as our opening prayer.


Today is the Culmination of Ms. Eiko. All the children prepared a presentation.


We have visitors today, they are Mr. Hiro, Mr. Mackie and of course Ms. Eiko.


I let the children introduce themselves to the guests. I want them to develop their confidence in talking to the audience. Then the guests introduce themselves.


This session will have a group dance. They performed the dance “Teach Me How to Doggie”. They only practiced just once last Sunday. Sarah is their choreographer. Hanna knows the dance too. After the dance, Hanna  performed an interpretative dance. She was very confident. I just asked the children who else will perform for Ms. Eiko. She raised her hand and I look for the song in the internet and then she performed. Afterwards, a gace them the ‘Thank You” cards that they made and they chorused in reading the contents. They then individually gave them to Ms. Eiko. Ms. Eiko gave them an inspirational talk.


Mr. Hiro then gave the children some plastic Japanese mask, plastic samurai sword and plastic baseball bat and ball. They were so happy to receive the gifts. The girls are complaining they don’t have toys. I told them it’s okay because the toys brought are for boys. They got plastic masks anyway.


Snacks were served. They have spaghetti with sliced bread and Mango/Strawberry juice. They enjoyed their snacks. They said it’s “lami” and they are very “busog”. The children then washed their plates and tumblers. They brushed their teeth using Eiko’s donated toothpaste in strawberry and melon flavor. They liked the strawberry because it taste like lollipop.


A group picture was taken afterwards.


At 10:00am, Daniel lead the closing prayer “Angel of God”. The children hurriedly went home because they are excited to play with the toys they’ve got and boast them with their neighbors.

I thanked C.G,  Ma. A.M and  who helped me prepare the Spaghetti and juice.



2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

Attendance: 1.) Fortune  2.) Lily 3.) James  4.) Rachel 5) Jack  6.) Dorothy

                    7.) Mike 8.) Anna  9.) Charles 10.) Ava  11.) Nikky


We started at 10:30am. We had our morning greetings to everyone and specially our guests.
Anna was the first to introduce herself. She speaks very well about her introduction. Then the others followed. After everyone had spoken about themselves, it was the guests turn to introduce themselves to the children. Mr. Hiro is a bit funny. He let the children guess his age. The children would say 20? He will say higher. 21? 22? 23? He was so happy because his age is already 42. He will say thank you  that the children thought he was still young. The children then asked him what’s his talent, he said dancing. Children was shouting “sample” with matching clapping of their hands.
So Hiro showed them his hiphop dance.  Then it was Mackie’s turn to introduce himself.
But the children recognized  him already. He was the mosr popular among the guests. When he let the children guess his age, Dorothy remembered that when he was here 2 years ago, he was 20. So Dorothy guess right away his age 22.


I let Rachel take over my place and play as emcee in the program they made for their Ate Eiko. Her cohost by the way is Fortune.

Below is their program




WHEN: AUGUST 26,2012



(to be lead by Lily and Anna)

II.        National Anthem

               (to be lead by Fortune)

III.      Exercise Call me maybe:

(to be lead by James, Mike,Jack, Rachel,Fortune,Lily)

IV.     Greetings

V.        Presentations

I.             Renilyn Group (Rachel,Nikky,Ava) (Dance number)

II.           Lily and Fortune Group (Lily,Fortune,Anna,Mike , Jack Dorothy)

III.          Renilyn group (Rachel,Nikky,Ava) (song number)


IV.         Renilyn Group (Rachel,Nikky,Ava,Jack) (Song number)

V.           Inspirational Message of Ate Eiko

VI.         Closing Song

(to be lead by all SAPNAY Children)

I have given the task to the class officers so that they will be motivated to handle an event of their own. Bright ideas will pop out in such a short notice.


Before Ms. Eiko’s message, the children one by one read their “Thank you” cards to her.
Ms. Eiko was holding on her tears. But it flowed when they all hugged her after her speech and during the picture taking the children played a Goodbye song. It was Joeven who first had tears in his eyes and all the children followed including Ms. Eiko and me. It was a very sad moment even during the picture taking, the children sing the song to Ms. Eiko. She was wiping her face because tears flowed in her eyes. She knows that she will miss the children.


We served them Spaghetti, sliced bread and juice. During this time children talked about the sadness they feel for Ms. Eiko. They all wished her well and hope that she will visit again Sapnay and never forget them.


All the children washed their plates and tumblers then they brushed their teeth.I let them try the toothpaste that Ms. Eiko gave. Anna was tasting them and it taste good. While some children are cleaning up their plates and tumblers, the others conversed with Ms. Eiko and Mackie. Hiro entertained the children using cards for his magic tricks. He was sweating for the many performance of his reading of the minds of the children on what card they choose and he can pop them up from the deck of cards. They were so amazed of his card tricks. According to the children, he really has power to read the card in their minds. They really enjoyed Mr. Hiro. I asked the children that we will say our closing prayers. The just answered me later. They were afraid that I will let them go home soon. With Mr. Kazu’s approval, they played for a while. At exactly 12:30pm, we say our closing prayers by making a big circle, holding hands and singing the “Our Father” hymn. Anna and Dorothy stayed in the room.


I thanked E.J and Ma. N.M for helping me out during the serving of the Spaghetti and juice.



3rd  Session – High School

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm


Attendance: Ashley, Chloe, Kayla and Andrew



We started at 1:10pm. It was their first time to meet with each other. It was good that Ashley and Andrew were there early because they haven’t made a “thank you” card for Ms.Eiko. I let Ashley make a program for their presentation. She was able to make a program so fast. First we prayed and the high school students introduced themselves to the guests. On the other hand, the guests introduced themselves. Ted arrived and was able to join.


Ashley lead the opening pray “Hail Mary”.


Ashley was then the emcee that afternoon. They had individual presentation. They each sang a song for Ms. Eiko and Kayla had a solo dance performance. I was glad that Ashley made an effort to make a program for Ms. Eiko. She was indeed entertained by Ashley because she was funny and always smiling. She likes to talk to the guests. In general, she is the most talkative among them. After the performance, Ms. Eiko gave her inspirational talk to them. Afterwards, each and everyone read their Thank you”  cards and gave them to their Ate Eiko.


Then their snacks were served. Spaghetti and softdrinks. Afterwards while I was cleaning up and the children washing their plates and tumblers, Ashley was talking with Mr. Hiro and asking a lot of questions. Kayla and Cchloe also asked questions to Ted and Hiro. They enjoyed talking to them.


At exactly 3:00pm, Mr. Kazu asked me if it’s time to go. I told him I am just waiting for the go signal from him since Ashley was having a good conversation with the guests. So he approached Ashley and said it was time to say goodbye.


Chloe lead the closing prayer “Angel of God”. 




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