Children’s Activities August 19, 2012

1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am

 Attendance: 1) Sarah 2) Daniel 3) Gabriel 4) Hannah  and 5) Eric

I let Gabriel lead the prayer “Our Father” as our opening prayer.

We have a visitor today, she is Ms. Yumiko, a Japanese. I let the children introduce themselves to our guest. Gabriel  was always covering his pink t-shirt with his notebook. He was ashamed that his mother let him wear a girl’s shirt with pastel print. He cannot stand straight because he is covering his shirt with both his hands. I remembered there is 1 shirt in the cabinet, so I let him wear it and he looked and feel fine right away. Then Ms. Japanese introduced herself to the children. The children asked questions about her family, her ambition in life and her husband.

 Since we will be having Culmination for Ms. Eiko next Sunday, I let the children make a thank you card. The children cannot make the sayings, I provided them and let them copy from the board. All they have to do is to decorate the card on their own. The five of them successfully made the thank you card for Ms. Eiko. Afterwhich, I let the children practice their presentation. They will all perform a group dance.

(noted by Lomi; Ms Eiko is one of the Japanese volunteers who has been volunteer for a long time, so we start missing her :(

After the practice, I served them pancake and full cream cold milk. Everybody enjoyed their snacks. They were requesting if they can have milk instead of juice in the next Sundays to come. I just smiled at them. All the children have white moustache after drinking their milk all the way down. They washed their plates and tumblers then brushed their teeth.

We said our closing prayer. The children, Ms. Yumiko and I pose for a group picture. At 9:50am, the children went home.

I thanked Sarah's mom, and Gabriel's mom who helped me prepare children’s  snacks.


2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

Attendance: 1.) Jack 2.) Lily 3.) Mike 4.) Fortune

                    5.) Charles 6.) Rachel 7.) Anna

                    8.) Dorothy 9.) Ava 10.) Nikky

(James is absent. I called him up before the time. He told me that his mother is sick. They didn’t sell that day.)

(Noted by Lomi ; James's mom is selling candles in front of the church to the people who attend the services.)


We started at 10:35am. Fatima and Rachel lead the prayer, “You are My All in All”. They performed an action prayer song. Mike, Charles and Jack lead the “My Head, My shoulder” exercise.

After the children’s morning greetings, I let the children introduce themselves to our Japanese guest, Ms. Yumiko. Lily was the first to introduce herself. She delivered her introduction with confidence. The children took turns in introducing themselves to Ms. Yumiko. Charles has a low key among them. I told him to speak louder.

Our topic for today are “Kindness and Politeness”. I let Jack read about “Kindness” in the book. I explained to them what “kindness” is all about. Helping others without being told is one example. Being a helping hand to their mothers and siblings. I let Anna read the first page about “Politeness”. Anna also is a good reader. She pronounces the words very well. I let Nikky read the second page about “Politeness” since she arrived late. She arrived around 10:40am. Rachel site some examples about “politeness” like blessing the hands of our parents, especially grandparents. It is a Filipino tradition that when we arrive in our house, we bless the hand of all our elders living with us. Saying the words please, thank you and your welcome are examples of  polite words. Excuse me also is used when you need to interrupt elders talking because you have an important thing to say to them or when you burp after meals.  I told them also that they should apply the values learn during Sundays in their homes.

I told them about Ms. Eiko’s culmination next Sunday. Everyone was busy making their thank you card. Only the front of the card was finished. The inside of the card, I made them their homework because we only have a little time. We will be having practice on Thursday for their presentation. I let them clean the area where they made their thank you cards so that I can serve their snacks.

We served them pancakes and cold milk. Except for Donna, she doesn’t like milk but I already bought Milo (chocolate drink in powder form). I just add a little Milo in her milk and she drank them all the way down. She was so “busog” that she used the comfort room to relieve her aching stomach because she was full.

All the children washed their plates and tumblers then they brushed their teeth.

At 12:30pm we sang our closing prayer while holding hands sitting down forming a big circle

The children stayed until 1:00 pm.

I thanked E.J and H,S for helping me out during the cooking of the pancakes and preparing cold milk
drink for the children.


3rd  Session – High School

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Attendance: Kayla (She arrived very early to compensate last week that she was absent due to many house chores her mother task her to do.

(Chloe asked permission last Saturday from me that she has to attend the stage show in University of San Carlos. It is compulsory. You still have to pay p70 even if you opt not to watch the show.)

(Andrew is absent also because he has to attend the foundation that her sister joined because it is a must for all the family.)

(Ashley is absent.)

We started at 1:15pm. Only Kayla was present. She arrived at 12:00noon. She lead opening

 “Our Father”. I let her introduced herself to Ms. Yumiko and reverse.

I let Kayla read the first page about “Kindness” and the first page also of “Politeness”. I let Ms. Yumiko read the second page of politeness. I explained to them how important is to be kind. We should use polite words as a sign of respect to others.

I lead our closing prayer.

At exactly 2:30 pm, Mr. Kazu, Ms. Yumiko and I went out to the office. We proceed and have a house visit to Daniel’s and Charles’s house.


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