Children’s Activities  September 2

1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am

Attendance: 1) ) Sarah  2) Gabriel  3) Eric  4) Daniel  5) Hanna   

I let Sarah lead the prayer “Our Father” as our opening prayer.

We have many visitors today namely Me, Joh, Asami, who are Japanese student volunteers, Lou, Ted and Hiro, who are regular visitors.

After the children’s morning greetings to us and the guests, I let the children introduce themselves. Each and everyone took turns in telling something about themselves. Then the guests introduce themselves. Hiro shared his power of connection by letting the children pick one card and he will guess that card without seeing them. All of them were amazed including our guests because he performed so well that he can pop up the card they saw by shaking the deck of cards. They had so much fun.

The Japanese volunteers then taught the children a song and dance, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Then they played a game, Fruit Basket. Everyone enjoyed specially the children.

Snacks were served then . They have oatmeal and Milo drink. Sarah had 2 bowls of oatmeal. Gabriel and Eric asked for additional glass of  Milo drink. Daniel on the other hand didn’t like the oatmeal. He just ate a little. He told me that he is “busog” already. Hanna was the last one to finish. They then wash their bowls and tumblers and brushed their teeth. A group picture was taken afterwards.

At 10:00am, Hanna lead the closing prayer “Angel of God”.

I thanked C.G and Ma. A. M who helped me prepare the oatmeal and Milo drink.

2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

Attendance: 1.) Fortune  2.) Lily 3.) James

                    4.) Rachel  5) Jack  6.) Dorothy

                    7.) Mike 8.) Anna  9.) Charles10.) Ava        

                  11.) Nikkye


At 10:30am, Fortune and Lily lead the prayer. They sang and interpret the “Give Thanks” song. James Brixter lead the exercise, “Follow the Leader”. Our guests, Me, Joh, Asami, Hiro, Ted and Lou also joined the exercise and they had fun. The guests clapped their hands after the performance because James was a indeed a leader because all of us followed. Next was the introduction of oneself to our guests. The children now are very confident to speak in front of the visitors. Afterwards, it was the visitors turn to introduce themselves. The Japanese student volunteers greeted the children in Filipino language, Each bringing their notebook and read in front of the children. Hiro performed his card tricks and everybody was amazed including our visitors. The children then clapped their hands for his performance.

The 3 student volunteers then took the floor and teach the children Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, a song and dance exercise . They also taught them a Japanese song, They divide the children into 3 groups and the first group sang the first line of the song, afterwhich,  the 2nd group started to sing the first line, then the 3rd group started to sing the song. The music they created was so well blended that it was music to the ears for the rest of us listening to them. Then they had a game fruit basket. The one who cannot find a sit during the calling of the fruit will perform at the center. Lou sing and dance when she was not able to find a sit. Lily sang a song. Fortune sang a song also. Mr. Kazu sang the Japanese National anthem.

At 12:00 noon, we served the children oatmeal and Milo drink. Reuelen, Fortune, Ava asked for an additional bowl of oatmeal while everybody had their 2nd  glass of Milo drink. They were all “busog”. After eating, they washed their bowls and tumblers and brushed their teeth.

We then have our group picture taken. At 12:30 pm we all sat down in a big circle and sat on the floor and sang the “Our Father” as our closing prayer.  It was time to say goodbye to the children. Ted has to go also because he has an appointment,  so he left afterwards. Some of the children went home while others stayed to play, chat with our visitors.

I thanked M.V  for helping me out during the serving of the oatmeal and Milo drink.

3rd  Session – High School

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Attendance: Ashley, Chloee , Kayla

(Andrew’s mother called me up that Andrew is in CAP watching a show because it is compulsory. The high school students are required to go there.)

We started at 1:00pm. Ashley lead the opening prayer.  This time, our guests Me, Joh, Asami, Lou and Hiro introduced themselves first. Afterwards, it was the children’s turn to introduce themselves. First was Ashley. The guests asked questions to the children. They asked what is Ashley’s talent and she said she can sing. The guests said sample, sample with matching clapping of their hands. So Ashley rendered a song. Everybody applauded. Also Chloee and Kayla rendered a song to our guest. I am glad they are all performers. They have confidence in sharing their talents to everyone.

The 3 Japanese student volunteers then taught the children Stone, Paper, Scissors while shaking the hands then at the end one will decide if he is paper, stone of scissors. Everbody knows the game. If one loses, he covers his head with a plastic bowl. If one wins, he spanks the rolled newspaper at the head of the loser. During the game, everybody was laughing because the opposite happens. The children if they win they always cover themselves instead of spanking the loser. Then the volunteers taught the children forming the balloon into a dog. Lou doesn’t like the sound of the balloon when being twisted. Me too, I covered my ears because I’m afraid the balloon will burst. Hiro is assigned in pumping air into the balloon. Joh was very good in teaching the children how to make a dog out of a balloon. It was Chloee who learned so fast. They put eyes and ribbons to the balloon dog. They had so much fund. Our guests have to leave at 2:20pm because they have to go to the orphanage. They bade the children goodbye and they hurriedly left the office while I was serving their snacks. They ate their oatmeal. It was their first time to eat and they don’t like the taste of it. Kayla was holding her breath when she put a spoonful in her mouth. Chloee on the otherhand put Milo on her oats and ate them as fast as she can. Ashley ate her oatmeal slowly. But they all ate their oatmeal anyway. They had their 2nd round of Milo drink which they really love. They then washed their bowls and tumblers and brushed their teeth.

At 3:00pm, Kayla lead the closing prayer. Then we all went home.  

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