Children’s Activities September 23, 2012


1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am


Attendance: 1) Eric 2) Sarah 3) Daniel 4) Gabriel 5) Hanna


I let Eric lead the prayer “Angel of God” as our opening prayer.


We have no visitors today. We are back to our normal session.  Today.  My lessons will be about reading comprehension. I prepared 3 stories for them to read. First I taught them the proper way of reading. How the sentences are read with intonation so that the listeners will not get bored but excited to listen what the story is all about. First we read about the umbrella. After explaining to the children all about the umbrella, I let them answer the 3 question below the story. It is a select the correct letter of the answer. They can read again the story above to check if their answer is correct. This is a test to determine if they really understand the story. At this point, Mr. Kazu distributed 3  ballpens (2 black and 1 red) to all the children. They all thanked Mr. Kazu. Hanna gor perfect. Eric got 2 out of 3, Sarah and Gabriel got 1 point, Daniel got no score. Next story was about the birds. I let them read by themselves then let them answer 3 questions below the story. I read again the story and explain to them about the birds before I correct their papers. This time, Hanna and Sarah got perfect score, Eric got 1 point.  The last story was about Marshmallow, how it originated. Both Hanna and Sarah  got a perfect score of 3 and still Daniel got zero. I told Daniel to practice reading hard. No wonder he got low grades in school. I will talk to his mother about this discovery. The story and test by the way are for grades 2. Daniel is already grade 3. He should understand what he is reading at this stage.


They were all hungry after the tests. I served them snacks, donuts, cakes and some biscuits donated by Me and Asami. I served them juice also. They are looking for Milo and milk. It is so ironical when I served them Milo they requested to drink juice. Now I served them juice, they are looking for Milo or milk. Children are so confusing sometimes. Since they have lots of food they brought them home. They all washed their plates and tumblers and brushed their teeth.


I thanked C.G who helped me prepare the juice and doughnuts and cakes and dividing the cookies equally for their take out.

2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm


Attendance: 1.) Jack 2.) Mike  3.) Lily  4.) Fortune 5.)  Ava 6) Charles
                    7.) Dorothy    8.) Anna  9.) Rachel 10.) Nikky


(James is absent. His mother called and texted me today that he cannot join because he has high fever.)




We started at exactly 10:30am. Our opening prayer was “My All in All” which Lily, Nikky and Ava are the leaders. For our exercise, we performed the “Chicken Dance”.


We are back to our normal session since we don’t have visitors today. We discussed Obedience, Orderliness, Love for our Country and Industrious. They took turns reading and afterwards explain what they have understand about the values they read.


I asked all the children if they are obedient. They all chorused, sometimes. They don’t like to obey the commands of their parents because they are playing or busy with something else. They sometimes obey and do the tasks given to them but with a heavy hearted. They pout and stump their feet to show that they don’t like the task.


We discussed also Orderliness. The girls love to arrange their things and fold their clothes and their siblings too but when their younger siblings disarrange them, they are disappointed and doesn’t like to do the arranging because they just got mad after seeing the pile of clothes are in clutter.


For the Love of our Country, everybody was telling their stories to the class how they clean their surroundings, see some leaking pipes seen on the streets and report them to the proper authorities. They also helped the clean surroundings by not throwing their garbage anywhere. They obey also the traffic rules and rules in the school. At this point, I check the fingernails of the children because this is related about being clean, neat and tidy when going to school. Many of them have clean fingernails. Aila had manicure and told her to wipe them out with a nail polish remover. Most of the children have dirty toenails. They forgot to brush them. I told them not only during Sundays that they got to be clean but to make it an everyday habit before going to school. They all agreed.


For industrious, I emphasized to them to do their household chores without being told to do so. They should help their parents clean their messy area and help them to be industrious  not lazy.


I then recap what we discussed today and the children chorused saying Obedience, Orderliness, Love for our Country and Industrious.


I let Mr. Kazu distribute his donations to the childrens, a set of ballpen. They were all happy and said finally they have new ballpens. We have lots of pencils in the office. They don’t use pencil at school unless they have Arts subject (drawing).


We serve them cakes and cookies that Me and Asami gave to the children and juice.

I thanked Helen who helped me prepare their snacks today.


At 12:25pm, we formed a big circle and the children sang  “Amahan Namo” as our closing prayer. .










3rd  Session – High School

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm


Attendance: Ashley, Kayla, and Chloe


(Andrew is absent. Her mother called me that he is very busy working on his projects in school.)


Ashley arrived very early. She arrive at 12:30pm.  Then at 12:55pm, Kayla arrived. Since it was 1:00pm, we have to start the session. Before we started to read about Obedience, Chloe arrived, thank God.


We had a normal session because we had no visitors today. I let the 3 of them take turns in reading our topics namely Obedience, Orderliness, Love for our Country and Industrious.

Each of them after reading explains what she understands about the topic. They are very good because they all understand what they are reading and they give examples of situations that happens in their house.


I asked each of them what their household chores. Everyone was delighted to share to us their chores. Ashley keeps the pile of clothes neat but sometimes she is discourage because her mother and stepfather doesn’t mind at all the orderliness and cleanliness of the room. Her efforts are not appreciated. But it is still okay for her. Kayla helps her mother only when she is told to do so. Chloe washes all the clothes of her family. She sometimes finish late because she has to buy water and detergent before she can start washing their clothes. She had a hard time because the clothes of her younger sisters are vey dirty and there’s not enough water and detergent for her to use.


Among the 3 ladies, it is Chloe who is very industrious and obedient. But she feels she is not loved by her parents. I assured her that her parents love her so much and they just don’t want her to end just like her elder sister who got married at an early age and have her life living on the streets with her children.


Ashley was complaining before we started our session that she have not eaten lunch yet. I served them snacks, doughnuts, cakes and biscuits given by Me and Asami. Mr. Kazu then distributed to the ladies his donation of ballpens. They were all glad to have them. They thanked Mr.Kazu.

It was Kayla’s turn to wash the plates and tumblers. They they all brushed their teeth. They ate the cakes and  biscuits and take out their doughnuts to share with their siblings and parents


At 2:50 pm, Kayla  lead the closing prayer. Then we all went home.   



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