Children’s Activities September 30, 2012

1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am


Attendance: 1) Sarah 2 Daniel) 3) Eric 4) Hanna 5) Gabriel

I let Sarah lead the prayer “Our Father” as our opening prayer.


We have a visitor today. His name is Yusako. He introduced himself to the children after each one of them introduced themselves to him.


My lesson for today is about comprehension. I opened the lesson in the computer for English. I let them identify the animals and they will tell me the name and spell the name. I taught them also how to pronounce it correctly. I see from their eyes that they are willing to learn. Then we sing the Alphabet song. I was shocked that they don’t know the song very well specially the end part. So I teach them one by one,  A,B,C,D,E,F<G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P. Q,R,S,T,U & V,W,X, Y & Z, Now I know my ABC, boys and girls come sing with me. One by one I let them sing in front of me so that I will know if they really listened. I opened again the flash cards in the laptop. From A to Z we read the words and I ask them if they understand the work. If not I explained to them what’s the meaning. Afterwards, I gave them a test. It is a crossword puzzle. There are five pictures of sea animals. The first letter of the sea animals.They have to identify and  put the names on the box provided. The sea animals names are Whale, Starfish, Shark, Seahorse and Dolphin. Sarah finished first and I gave her 5 points, next was Hanna, I gave her 4 points, next was Gabriel, I gave him 3 points, they Eric, I gave him 2 points and last is Deaniel with 1 point. I told Daniel to catch up. I also gave them a picture and let them color the toothbrush they can see. Sarah finished first. She counted 20 toothbrushes. Hanna is the second to submit her paper and counted 20 toothbrushes. Gabriel was the third to submit and he counted 21 toothbrushes. Next is Eric who counted 20 toothbrushes. Last was Daniel who counted 21 toothbrushes. They really have keen eyesight.   


They were all hungry after the test. I served them snacks, Pancit Canton and Milo. I already reminded them to bring their chopsticks because we are serving ramen. Only Gabriel has no chopsticks. I provided him from the donated  chopsticks from Japanese student volunteers. They love the taste. I brought the brand that they are not familiar but taste so delicious. They drank their milo all the way down. They requested that every Sunday they want Milo as their drink.  Afterwards, they all washed their plates and tumblers and brushed their teeth.


I thanked C.G and  J. B who helped me prepare the Pancit canton and Milo.


At 10:00 am, Hanna lead the closing prayer “Angel of God”.



2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm


Attendance: 1.) James 2.) Jack3.) Make  4.) Lily 5.)  Ava 6) Charles 7.) Dorothy  8.) Anna
                     9.) Nikky


(Rachel and Fortune are absent today because they joined the Girl Scout Camping in their school. Their mothers informed me already.




We started at exactly 10:30am. Our opening prayer was “Give Thanks” which Dorothy is the leader. For our exercise, we performed the “Follow the Leader” which James is the leader.


We have a visitor today. He is Yusako. He introduced himself after the children one by one introduced themselves to him. They asked him about his talent. They were sad because his talent is playing soccer and he can’t perform a sample for them.


I asked the children what the topics are all about last week, and they chorused Industrious, Obedience, Love for our Country and Orderliness. I asked them if they are ready to take a test, and they all shouted “Yes”. They were all excited if it’s a Math test or Spelling test. I chose the spelling test. But before the test, I prepared a crossword puzzle for them. I want to test them about following instruction and comprehension. The instruction is, choose words from the box that will fill the spaces. Then answer the riddle by writing the boxed letters in the box at the center on the line. The words in the box are every, help, better, town, any, please, many, thank and hello. There are 4 letters given in the puzzle name j, l, u and t. Then after reading to them the instructions, Donna was the first to pass but later I returned her paper because the word in the middle didn’t answer the riddle, “What’s in the middle of a jellyfish?” Charles was the first to find out and solved the correct answer and positions of the words. He got 10 points. I was surprised for the first time Charles was very good at puzzles. Nikky passed her paper last so she got the lowest score of 2 points. My grade system in this test is I ranked the test papers according to who’s first, second,  third and so forth to pass their test paper with correct answer will be given a score of 10, 9, 8, 7 and so forth. Next test, I gave them Spelling test but with a catch. I will say the word which are nouns and give the meaning and use it in a sentence and they will write the plural and with correct spelling. Again, Charles got a perfect score of 15 points. Hurray for Charkes! He’s got talent! Ava got perfect score also. Nikky got zero! All her answers have wrong spelling. She doesn’t know the plural form of the nouns. I am sad about Nikky because I had high expectations for her. I told her to read again her lessons about pluralization. I learned a lot from the children when giving them tests.


E.J was the only one helping me today. So we got busy cooking their Pancit canton (Ramen) and preparing Milo. Then we were done, we served them to the children. They all love their ice cold Milo and pancit canton. Almost all the children had their 2nd round of Milo drink and they asked for more pancit canton but only half of the bowl was left and I distributed to them who needs the most. They were all smiling after they ate their snacks. Then they washed their plates and tumblers and brushed their teeth.



At 12:15pm, we formed a big circle and the children sang  “Our Father” as our closing prayer.

Some of the children stayed to watch the films in the laptop namely Kiki’s Delivery Service, Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea, Totoro, and Laputa the Flying Island. They asked permission from Mr. Kazu if they can watch in the room without disturbing the High School scholars with their afternoon session. Mr. Kazu granted them. The children went home at 3:00 pm.



3rd  Session – High School

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm


Attendance: Ashley, Kayla, Andrew and chloe


Ashley arrived very early. She arrived at 12:00nn.  She joined the children watching “Ponyo”.


I let Kayla lead the opening prayer “Our Father”.


They introduced themselves one by one to Yusako, our visitor. In return, Yusako introduced himself to the children.


I asked the children what are the topics last week and we reviewed them one by one. Afterwards, I gave them a test about pluralization same with the 10:30 am group but I added 5 nouns that are difficult. Chloe got 19 points, Andrew got 16, Kayla got 18, and Ashley got 17 points. Then I gave them a game to play while I prepare their snacks. 


The game is called “Connect”. I let Chloe draw a whole series of dots on a sheet of paper. See the grid below;


Each player takes turn drawing a line between two dots. The lines are horizontal or vertical (not diagonal). The game starts slowly with lots of unconnected dots, but as the game goes on, you get nearer and nearer to making squares. If a player makes a complete square, they get to mark the square with their initials in the center of it, and they get another turn at drawing a line. The player with the most squares when all the dots are connected wins.


They didn’t finish the game because in every line they mark, they are very careful not to give a chance to anyone.


I served them their snacks and they asked for more Pancit Canton. I told them that I equally divided them to their bowls. They loved the taste, it’s very delicious!


It was Andrew’s turn to wash the plates and tumblers. They they all brushed their teeth.


At 3:00 pm, Kayla  lead the closing prayer. Then they all went home.


Mr. Kazu, Yusako and I  headed to Jame’s house in Villagonzalo 2. It was Mr. Kazu’s first time to visit James’s house. Their house is located in front of DPWH building (owned by the government) which got burned last Friday due to faulty. The fire was just contained in the compound. It didn’t scatter outside where many squatters are living. We stayed there for quite a while because it rained so hard. I was afraid that the river will overflow. Thank God just a little water came inside the toilet of Sapnay office.


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