Tutorial ①

Eric was absent today. Yesterday, he was present in school. I will check on him tomorrow.
Only Daniel showed up for the tutorial classes. Gabriel went the other way because I didn't see him. He gave me a great nod when I ask him during lunchtime that he should be present in the afternoon during tutorial class.

 I texted M.V if Gabriel passed by. If so, could you tell him to go to the office for our tutorial?
M.V answered that she saw Gabriel and told him to go to the office because I was waiting for him. Gabriel, on the otherhand, didn't listen to her but instead run towards their home.
I texted his mother and replied when on my way home about 7:15pm that she will talk to Gabriel about this matter when she comes home.

Daniel was really improving with his Mathematics. He failed this subject last 1st grading. He has a big chance that he will pass this subject. Next week, we will tackle Filipino and Science. 

By  Liz (+_+)

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