Children’s Activities October 14, 2012

1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am


Attendance: 1) Sarah2) Gabriel 3) Eric 4) Daniel 5) Hanna


I let Sarah lead the prayer “Our Father” as our opening prayer.


I arrived at 8:10 am and all the children are there except Hanna. Hanna arrived at 8:40 am. We started at exactly 8:30am. All the children are reading books. They all are talking and sharing to each other what they’ve seen in television. They don’t want to start yet the session because they are still watching some pictures on the books.


I decided to read with them and let them understand all about sharks. Everybody was attentive while I read and point out to the pictures about sharks. Gabriel interrupts the discussion so many times. I would listen to him if his topic is relevant but if not I will tell him that we concentrate on the sharks. Gabriel told me that his teacher read to them the story about the “The Crow and the Pitcher” last Sunday’s lesson, and he answered all the questions his teacher asked them. I told him that if only he would concentrate in listening, he can learn something. I was reading the book invertedly to them. Can you imagine? They all want to see the pictures of different kinds of shark so I just read the facts. We finished the book and afterwards, I let them choose the books they want to read since they still have time left. I served them their snacks Banana Pancakes and milk. They all ate their pancakes and drank their milk. After washing their plates and tumblers, they went back to their seats and read their books they chose. I was happy that children got interested in reading and watching the pictures on the books. They were eager to learn and their faces are very happy while exchanging their view to others.  


I thanked C.G who helped me prepare the Banana Pancakes and milk.


At 10:00 am, Daniel lead the closing prayer “Angel of God”.









2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm


Attendance: 1.) Mike  2.)James 3.) Jack 4.) Rachel  5.) Lily 6.)  Ava
                  7.) Anna 8.) Dorothy  9.) Fatima Siarza 10.) Chrisjiem Vedida


(Nikky is absent.)






We started at exactly 10:30am. Our opening prayer a Tagalog prayer they just learned from school. Rachel, Mikeand Dorothy are the leaders. For their exercise, they performed the “Insomnia” which James is their leader.


Our topic for today is Love for God - Prayerful. I let Rachel read the first page about Love for God.
I asked the children who prays to God before they sleep? Some children admitted that they don’t pray but some do. So I let the children recite their prayers so that other children would listen and practice also how to pray. Lily, Rachel, Mike, Anna, James  and Fortume recite their prayers on their seats. During the discussion, we have visitors. Min, one of Sapnay directors and his friend Hana. I stopped the discussion and they all greeted Min. He was delighted to see all the children grown up. He was giving them words of wisdom. Afterwards, the children introduced themselves to Min. He and his friend Hana were very excited to hear their introduction. Now, it’s Min’s and Hana’s turn to introduce themselves. Min was telling the children that he has a daughter about their age 10 yrs. old. He is amazed that the children knows how to speak English. He want her daughter to learn English too with a friend. Hana on the other hand had triplets. All of them are boys and they are all 30 yrs old and he has 5 grandchildren. They are all in a restaurant business and massage parlor. It was his first time in the Phils. Min was his interpreter because he speak English just a little. The children wanted to show off their talents to Min and Hana. Lily, Anna , Fortune and Dorothy performed the Chiquita dance while James, Mike, Charles, Jack, Rachel and Ava performed the Gannam Style dance. Our visitors were entertained of their talents. After the dance, I let the children catch their breath and I let them inhale and exhale 3 times so that they can breath normal. We finished our lessons. I told them that they should thank God for the blessings received through prayers. They should pray also to their sick friends and relatives. Before sleeping, make it a habit to pray to God and talk to him about your problems. Before taking a test, pray to God that He will enlighten you so that you can remember what you study the night before. Always pray before sleeping so that you will not have a bad dream. All the children talked simultaneously about their dreams. One by one I let them talk about their dreams. They admitted that they’ve got bad dreams because they didn’t pray to God that night.


Y.Y and S.R are busy preparing the Banana Pancakes. They just cooked a few only by the time it was snack time so Min and Mr. Kazu distributed the snacks they brough. A box of Panda biscuit and juice. When the pancakes were ready, we serve them and milk were distributed also. The second pancake was given to the children for take out.


After their snacks, they washed their plates and tumblers and brushed their teeth. Some children who are done, asked permission if they can stay and watch 2012 the movie. I told them to ask permission from Mr. Kazu. Mr. Kazu told them that it’s up to me. Personally, I want them to go home so that their mother will not look for them. Since, Y.Y and S.R were not yet done, I allowed them to watch inside the room. 


At 12:30pm, we formed a big circle and the children sang  “Our Father” as our closing prayer. We have our group picture taken together with our visitors. Some of the children stayed to watch the 2012 movie.


Y.Y and S.R finished cooking at 1:30pm. I thank them. They left together with their children, Fortune and Ava.



3rd  Session – High School

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm


Attendance; Andrew, Kayla , Ashley


(Chloe is absent. She handed her excuse letter. She has many projects to do in school with her group. Only this Sunday they got busy because the dealine is Monday. )


We waited for the high school group. It was already 1:00pm but no sign of them. So we decided to wait for them until 1:30pm. Andrew arrived at 1:15pm, Kaylaat 1:20pm and Ashley at 1:25pm running as fast as she could. At last we have 3 students. It was first time for Ashley to see Min. Ashley introduce herself to Min and his friend Hana.  Ashley is so bubbly. She loves to talk to visitors.


We started our session at exactly 1:30pm.


I let Ashley lead the opening prayer “Our Father”.


I let the children introduce themselves to our visitors. Our visitors also introduced themselves. I let them show off their talent in singing. The three of them sang the song 12:51. Their voices blended so well according to Min. We then proceed to our lesson today about Love for God – Prayerful. I let the Ashley read the first page about praying for others when they are sick. They prayed only 1 time for their sick friend. I let Kayla read the next page. For the last page, I let Andrew read. They admitted that they sometimes pray at night and thanked God for the blessings they received. Mr. Kazu and our visitors have to leave at 2:30 pm to go to the orphanage. Min asked Ashley what is an orphanage. She has an idea but she could not say it in English. Andrew was able to tell Min what is an orphanage.  I served their snacks Banana pancakes and milk, while our visitors ready themselves to leave us. We had our picture taken. After saying the prayer before meals, Mr. Kazu, Min and Hana bade farewell to us.


It was Ashley’s turn to wash the plates and tumblers. They all brushed their teeth.


At 3:10 pm, they all went home.



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