Children’s Activities  October 7, 2012

1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am


Attendance: 1) Sarah 2) Hanna 3) Eric 4) Daniel 5) Gabriel


I let Eric lead the prayer “Our Father” as our opening prayer.


My lesson for the children today is the story about “The Crow and the Water Pitcher”. I focus the children to understand what the story is all about. I got this from the “Reading and Vocabulary” for 5+ yrs. old. I read the sentence and translate them into “Bisaya” so that the children understand what we are reading. If we encountered a word that the children didn’t know, we look it up in the dictionary and explain to them in their level.  I show them how the crow was able to drink water on a pitcher by putting pebbles so that the water level will rise up until the crow was able to drink the water to quench his thirst. The moral lesson of the story is “Try and try until you succeed.”


After reading the story, I gave them a spelling test. The words are as follows; crow, jungle, water, level, house, idea, pebble, little, beak, and away. Hanna got a perfect score. Followed by Sarah who scored 6 . Eric 4 points and Gabriel got 4 points  and Danielgot the lowest score 3 points. I gave them another test about what they see in the picture. I gave them a dictation to see if they really listed and jot them down on their notebooks. Hanna got a perfect score of 3 points while Sarah got 2 points. Eric got 1 point while Daniel and Gabriel got zero. Lastly I gave them a test to determine the baby of an animal I will mention to them like dog, cat, chicken, pig, kangaroo. Hanna got 4 points. Sarah got 3 points, Eric got 2 while Gabriel got 1 and Daniel got 1.


After checking the tests of the children, they began to squander and they didn’t remain on their seats. We served them egg sandwich and Milo. They ate them all and drank their Milo begging for more. I gave them a second round of Milo. All of them drank their Milo all the way down. They requested for milk next Sunday.


I thanked C.G and  J.B who helped me prepare the Egg Sandwich and Milo.


At 10:00 am, Gabriel lead the closing prayer “Angel of God”.




2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm


Attendance: 1.) James 2.) Jack 3.) Mike  4.) Lily 5.)  Ava 6) Charles 7.) Dorothy  8.) Fourtune 9.) Nikky 10) Anna


(Rachel is absent because she is obliged to attend the burial of her uncle in Basak, Mandaue City. Her mother, H.S informed me already .)




We started at exactly 10:30am. Our opening prayer was “Who Am I?” which Fortune and A are the leaders. For their exercise, they performed the “PSY – Gangnam Style” which James is their choreographer. They also performed the “Chiquita Dance” with Lane Lily as their choreographer. They really enjoyed the 2 dance crazes.  They were very alive during the greetings.


Our topic for today is about Self-reliance. I let James read the first page about self-reliance. The picture on our book was doing household chores without being told. Some children admitted that they sometimes wait for their mothers to tell them to do their chores. Some also automatically do their household chores without being told. I let Lily read the 2nd page about self-reliance. The picture was about the children in school cleaning and helping without being told by their teachers. The children also help bring the things of their teacher. Some would erase the blackboard without being told. Anna and her classmates cleans the floor after morning session. They want their teacher to be happy by keeping the floor clean and shiny. In James’s classroom, he helps to make it clean by picking up papers on the floor and put it in the trashcan. Fortune also volunteers to erase the blackboard without being told. Afterwards, I gave them a test of spelling of the opposites. They should write in their notebooks the following; big, thick, short, narrow, low, deep, sad, fat, old (man), dirty, strong, cheap, hot, open, hard, loud, wet, tight, tidy and new. Anna got the highest score of 15 points out of 20 points, next was Lily with 14 points, Dorothy with 12 points, Jamesand Mark with 11 pts, Charles 10pts, Ava 9pts, Fortune and jack 6 pts. The lowest was Nikky 4 pts.


Since we have more time left, I let the children make an origami because our kid’s corner looks bare. Everybody was then very busy making Halloween pumpkin head.


M.V was the only one helping me today. She got ot busy putting egg sandwich spread in their slice bread and making the cold Milo drink. Everybody loves the taste of egg sandwich except Ava and Dorothy. According to them they are not used to eat egg sandwich so they don’t like the taste. Almost all the children had their 2nd round of Milo drink. They were all smiling after they ate their snacks because their stomachs are full. Then they washed their plates and tumblers and brushed their teeth.



At 12:20pm, we formed a big circle and the children sang  “Amahan Namo” as our closing prayer.

Some of the children stayed to play cards and make some origami. I told them that they have to leave at 1:00pm so that I can start my 3rd session. Indeed at 1:00pm, Fortune, James, Mike, and Dorothy left the office.


3rd  Session – High School

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm


Attendance: Chloe, Kayla, Ashley


(Andrew is absent.)


I let Chloe lead the opening prayer “Our Father”.


We started at 1:10pm. I let Chloeread the first page about Self-reliance. She cannot pronounce well the words. I let Kayla read the second page but she was also stammering. She cannot pronounce well the words. Both of them didn’t observe punctuations like a comma. When you see a comma after a word, you should pause then proceed to the next words of the sentence. This time, Ashley arrived at 1:18pm. I was teaching Kayla and Chloe how to read and pronounce the words correctly. They were very  interested to learn how to read because they want to be confident in reading aloud in the class. I told them how important for them to deliver because they have many reporting in high school. I told them to read books and newspapers.


Chloe requested to see short films so that she will have an idea about them. So the 3 girls look and see and listen to the conversations in the internet. They all watched 4 short films. Chloe indeed have an idea already how to start their film making.


I served them their snacks egg sandwich and cold Milo drink. They were all hungry. They ate them all and drank their Milo.


It was Chloe’s turn to wash the plates and tumblers. They they all brushed their teeth.


At 2:55 pm, they all went home including Lily, Anna and Ava who were in the room making more origami.  




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