Children’s Activities  October 21, 2012

1st Session – Grades 2 & 3

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am


Attendance: 1) Gabriel 2) Sarah 3) Eric 4) Hanna 5) Daniel


I let Gabriel lead the prayer “Our Father” as our opening prayer.


My lesson for today is about Parts of Speech – we have Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective, Preposition and Conjunction. They wrote them on their notebooks that they bring during activity. Since it is on the wall, all the children were moving their tables and chair so that they can clearly see the poster and copy them on their notebooks for them to read so that next meeting, I will give them a test. 

A noun is the name of a person, place, thing, idea, or quality.

Examples:  John, Mary, boy, girl, children; Pasadena, CEC;  classrooms, notebooks; freedom, intelligence; hope, anger, joy

A pronoun takes place of a noun.

Examples:  I, mine, me; you, yours; he, his, him; she, hers, her; it, its; we, ours, us; they, theirs, them.

A verb expresses an action or a condition (a state of being).

Examples:  Robert will eat the hamburger.  (action)      

Sara is happy.  (condition or state of being)

An adverb describes a verb, adjective, or other adverb. Adverbs usually tell how (for example: slowly), when (e.g., lately), where (e.g., there), how much (e.g., very), or why (e.g., therefore).

Example:  The old man walks slowly

Adjectives describe, or modify, nouns and pronouns.

Examples:  tall, young, pretty, light, blue, new, white  (The tall, young, pretty girl is wearing a light blue dress with her new white shoes.)   

A preposition usually  shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and another part of a sentence.

Examples:  My pencil is under my desk by my foot.         Martha drove from LA to NY.  

A conjunction connects words, phrases, and clauses.

Example:  The dog and the cat are hungry.

When I let them copy, everybody went nearer because according to them, the letters are very small. I noticed Daniel was complaining. He was putting his notebook on the wall as he writes them on his notebook. I asked him if he can see clearly? I stepped back and grab Daniel to move backwards and asked him if he can read the letters? He said no. I think he has problems with his eyesight. I will just observe him more. Having a poor eyesight can be one of the reason why a child is not attentive in his class.

After writing, I gave them a drawing paper to copy a colorful design using only crayons and also to keep them busy because there is still time left for the activity. I put them on the wall in the kid’s corner.

After they all submitted their drawings, I served them hamburger and Milo and I distributed the mango cakes that Min & Hana brought for the children. They really love to drink Milo. While they were eating, I asked Mr. Kazu which drawing is the best? His choice was Daniel because his drawing was nearer to the design they were copying. So I graded Daniel’s drawing as 1st! He is improving! I am so happy.


I thanked  A.M and  J.B who helped me prepare the hamburger and Milo.


At 10:00 am, Daniel lead the closing prayer “Angel of God”.
















2nd  Session – Grades 4 to 6

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm


Attendance: 1.) James 2.) Jack 3.) Mike  4.) Lily 5.)  charles  6.)Ava
                                      7.) Fortune 8.) Dorothy9.) Anna10.) Nikky 11.) Rachel




We started at exactly 10:30am. Our opening prayer was “Mother Mary’s Tagalog song” which Dorothy, Mike and Fortune are the leaders. For our exercise, Rachel performed and exercise she learned from her Girl Scout camping. We all listened and followed her when she performs.


Our last value for this semester was all about Sportsmanship. This means that in every game you engaged, if you lose, you should not get angry. You should accept that you didn’t win and you should shake hands with your opponents. I asked the children if they really understood sportsmanship?
They chorused “yes”! Rachel is always chosen to be a contestant in grade 5 because she is good.
She always accept defeat when the contest is fair. But she is much happier if she won the contest.
I told them if they play badminton or volleyball, once you finish playing the game, they should shake their hands of their opponents. Thanking them that it was a good game.


Since S.S and R.M didn’t show up to help me in preparing their snack, I ask the assistance of H.S because I cannot do it alone. Thank God she gladly accepted my plea. While we were preparing their snacks hamburger and Milo, I let the children draw anything about Christmas. Just to keep them busy, I instructed them to draw anything associated with Christmas. Most of them draw Christmas trees and decorations in the house like Christmas lanterns.
During snack time, Mr. Kazu instructed me to tell the children about the educational tour. I discuss with them the schedule, the attire to wear and what to do during the tour. I divided the group into four. I wrote all the cat 12:00nn children’s names on a paper and let Mr. Kazu pick the members of group 1. Group 1 is composed of Mike, Fortune and Nikky. Group 2 is composed of Avw, Charles and Rachel. Group 3 is composed of  Jack, Dorothy and lily. And last but not the least, Group 4 is composed of James and Anna. All the 4 boys were equally distributed in each group.I explained to them the buddy, buddy system. Their group is responsible for keeping the group in joining contests, should look at each others shoulder and specially makes bonding moments so that they they will know more about their co-scholars. They will all be responsible for their actions and behaviours during the educational tour. Each high school student will be assigned to a group.


The children ate their  snacks, hamburger and Milo at 12:00nn. Everyone was delighted and they were all full. I distributed also the cakes that Min and Hanna bought for the children.


At 12:30pm, we formed a big circle and the children sang  “Amahan Namo” as our closing prayer.


3rd  Session – High School

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm


Attendance: Ashley, Kayla, Andrew and Chloe


Ashley arrived so late. She arrived at1:50nn.  She was late because she just came from Talamban and there was heavy traffic.


I let Chloe lead the opening prayer “Our Father”.


Our topic for this day about values is “Sportsmanship”.  I asked the children if they know sportsmanship? Kayla didn’t know what it is. I explained to her during a volleyball game and your team lose, they should accept their defeat with a smile.If you lose in a games, you should not be mad instead you should be glad because you can learn something from your mistakes.  I asked them if anyone joined a contest like Math, Science or Spelling contests? They all chorused “never”.  So I explained to them whenever you are in a contest, one should shake hands to the opponents to show them that you are “sport”. If you won, you should do likewise to the lossers. 


I explained to them about educational tour. I told them that they will be assigned to a group. I put numbers 1 to 4 and roll them. I let the children pick a number and that will be the group they will be joining. Ashley will be joining group 1, Chloe joins group 2, Andrew joins group 3 and Kayla will be joining group 4. I explained to them that because they are much older and wiser, they should take care of the younger ones. They need to bond with them specially Chloe and Andrew, this is their last tour that they will be joining because they will graduate in March 2013. They were all very excited.


I served them their snacks hamburger and Milo.


It was Chloe’s turn to wash the plates and tumblers. They they all brushed their teeth.


At 3:15pm, I  lead the closing prayer. Then they all went home.




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