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This afternoon before I went to B.J's place, I texted J.B and Ann Gabriel that I am coming. When I arrived at their place, Daniel was happy to see me. A.M texted me that she will text her younger sister to accompany Gabriel to Daniel' house. But Gabriel didn't show up. So J.B, Daniel' s mother volunteered to look for Gabriel. She saw him near the river. She brought him along and he was ashamed of his t-shirt because there are many holes on it. Charles came down after a fresh shower. Eric didn't show up. His house is very far from Daniel.

I then started my class. We reviewed multiplication and division. Charles was poor in Math according to his mother. So I explained to the 3 children that in order to excel in Math, they should know the multiplication table. They should memorize them. So I gave them tests. I let them read the instruction if they understand and when they do, that's the time they will start answering the questions.
Gabriel is lazy to answer. He doesn't want to think. But I persuaded him to answer. he sometimes cheats. He looks at the  multiplication at the back of his notebook. I told him that you should know and memorize the multiplication table. Daniel have difficulty at first with the instructions but when I explained to him he answered them correctly. Since the grade 3 boys are still answering the Math, I gave a test to Charles about alphabet staircase. The instruction is to put the words shown in alphabetical order starting at the bottom and climb upstairs. He did it correctly.

Next test is to use the words given to finish the sentences. He has difficulty here because he is poor in comprehension. I always have to give a hint into what word should be used. It was Charles turn to answer Math. I gave him a multiplicatioan and division to solve. He was learning so fast. I gave him some hint into how to check his answer in division.

For the 2 boys, I let them match the sentence by drawing a line to the picture. They take turns in reading the sentence and draw a line to the picture. It is a test if they really understood the sentence they are reading. Gabriel was not good at it. Then they answer about pronouns. They circle the word that finishes each sentence. I gave them a hint when to use him and his. You use him if there is no noun after. Use his if there is a noun next to it.

Afterwards, I read a story to them about King Midas and his Goldfingers. They were very interested to hear the story specially Charles. Everything that the king touches turns to gold. But he returned his power because greed can lose someone you love. Since all he touches turns into gold, he cannot eat or drink or cannot play with his daughter. He doesn't want his power because he wants to live to take care of her daughter.

At 4pm, we adjourn and I went home. I reminded everyone to memorize the multiplication. Our next session will be on Thursday. I have a very important thing to attend to on Wednesday.


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