tutorial ②

I'm Lomi.

Almost all children got their report card of 1st grading. Some children have not

gotten them yet. I don't know the reasons....

Unfortunately, some students got the failure marks. Liz and the board members

were discussing how we could support them. Finally, Liz decided to be a tutor

after school.

She has her own son who is a university student and loves our scholars like her

own children.

Liz's report

I was worried this afternoon that nobody will show up inspite of my patience with them. I could not help but I get outside looking for them near the bridge. Charles' s mother saw me with her son. She went back to the school to look for Daniel. She told me that Daniel didn't finish writing on his notebook and his mother is with him.
At 4:30pm, Gabriel showed up and I tutored him first. He has problem with English. He is a distracted child. You should not loose patience. His mother told him that if he does good, i will give him a surprise.
I scan his notebook but he has no assignment. He was not able to write all the 10 questions from his English lesson. it is about future tense. Only 3 questions that he was able to copy. So I taught him that he should add will to the verbs. Ex. go - will go, play - will play and clean will clean are the future tense of this verbs.
After 15 minutes, Daniel arrived with his mother. I scan his notebooks and he has a problem with division. So both Daniel and Gabriel was eager to know what my topics are. Gabriel was lying down on the table. I just let him do whatever he wants as long as his attention in on our lessons.
I let them review their plurals if they understand. Nouns in the book, I explained to them how to change from singular to plural. First I ask them if they understand the nouns mango, foot, child, tomato, plate, cup, baby and candy. Afterwhich I teach them the plural of the nouns. They got it right the plural of child is children. But normally you should add s and taught them add -es if the ending of the noun is o. If it ends in y, change y to i and add es. If it has double o, change these to double e. Then I reviewed them. This time they got it right.
Next subject we tackle was about Math. Daniel's mother told me that he has difficulty with division. I let them write the multiplication table up to 5. Daniel got 50 while Gabriel got 43. Not bad. I taught them how to multiply 2 numbers. The first number, I was teaching them but the next they know already how to multiply.
Next is division. 3 numbers divided by 1 or 2 numbers. They now know already.
The two of them just lack focus. I gave them assignments to be submitted next Thursday. We finished at 5:45 pm. It was already dark. I was afraid that the boys will go home very late. I send them near the road of their place while I proceed to NSO to wait for my ride to my house.
What a day! It was fun and I felt fulfilled knowing that the boys have a big chance that they will pass their subjects in the future. Eric never came to the office.

It must be so hard for them to catch up with their classmates. But


I hope that you can enjoy studying. Love you, guys!


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