Children's Teeth in Cebu

Hi, I’m Lomi.


I want to write about children’s teeth in Cebu.

There are so many people who have lost their teeth, because they
can not pay for the proper dental care. Some of them don’t have
their front teeth, so it is very striking. I was very sorry that one of
my friends didn’t have her front teeth, even though she was in her
teens. Fortunately, she could meet someone who paid for the treatment.

One of the parents also didn’t have front teeth, but her church member supported her to treat the teeth. After the treatment, she said, “I was
told that I looked younger than before.”


Usually, they live from day to day, so they can’t afford to go to dentist.
In addition, they are afraid of the dentist.


Some of them are not used to brushing their teeth everyday, so many
people have some cavities. If they go to the dentist as soon as possible,
it doesn’t take a long time to be treated.

Usually, they don’t go immediately, so their teeth are getting worse and
finally they lose them.


This school year, we have told the children to brush their teeth after
eating lunch in the office. They do very well. How about after breakfast
or supper in their houses? I don’t know.


We, the board members really want them to give a chance for a dental treatment. Luckily, we have gotten money for this, and one of the Filipina 
board members has asked her dentist friends to help us.


Children were not happy about this program. They really wanted to escape.
I can understand them, because I don’t like to go to the dentist, even
though I’m an adult now.


In spite of their fear, almost all of the children came and had their
cavities treated. I’m proud of them. I’m so happy to know that they are
so brave.

Lomi :)

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