The Dental Mission, Nov,11,2012

The program was over. The following is Liz’s report.


I arrived in the office at 8:00am. It was a very rainy Sunday. I took a taxi because
I had to be early to meet the dentists. I brought with me the toothpaste sachets to
be paired with toothbrushes to be given to the children as gifts after their checkups.
I also brought the snacks, bottled water and juice for the dentists. I brought with me
my blender to make the shakes.


Daniel, Sarah, and Eric were there already with Kayla, Lily, and Fortune. Chloe
arrived next to Andrew. Fortune’s mother and I had to go outside near the road
to wait for the dentist van to be parked inside the Tejero Elementary School.



At this time also, Yumiko and Deo, our Japanese guests arrived and handed over
to me some Japanese toothpastes for the children. I thanked them for their generosity. 


At exactly 8:30am, the van arrived with Dr. Phil and his dental assistant. The school
guard left his post hurriedly after they arrived. He told them that he will be back a
little later. Dr. Phil was asking where to plug in the van so that the mobile dental van
can get electricity for the air-conditioned and some equipment.


Around 9:30, the school guard arrived. So we hurriedly asked if he could help us
use the school’s electricity. He let us go to the gym and there was an outlet, so
they parked the van inside the gym.


At 9:35am, I brought Yumiko and Deo to the van so that they can witness the dental mission. I served peanut butter sandwiches with cold milk to Dr. Phil, Japanese guests,
and his assistant who were very busy setting up the mobile clinic, while children were
in the office.


At 10:00 am, all the children except Gabriel were in the office. It was very noisy now, children playing, talking, and just roaming around the office. Some children used
the floor to play the memory game.


I brought Sarah with her mother in the Tejero gym. Next was Hannah. From the office,
I brought Hannah to the van. The 2 little girls were very brave. They each had their
teeth cleaned, and one tooth was extracted. They didn’t even feel pain and they
never complained. They were so happy.


Dr. Jun arrived at 10:15am and set up outside the van so that the job will be faster.
He cleaned the children’s teeth before their teeth would be extracted. Then Dr. Phil
filled the cavities. The children took turns in the dental check up.


After the dental procedure, the children went back to the office to claim their prize.
They got new toothbrush, a sachet of toothpaste, and the mango ice candy milk shake. 


At 11:30 I had to receive the lunch for the dentists and visitors. So I had to go back
to the office and bring some food to the van. It was a tiresome experience but very


At 12:30pm, 13 children were done. We had six children left. The doctors then had
to take a break for 45 minutes.


At 1:15pm, I brought the 6 children to take turns for their dental checkups. We
finished at 3:30pm but the doctors in the van had to finish their on-the-spot report,
so they left at 5:00pm.


Thank God it’s over and was a very successful one, Thank you to our sponsors.
I thank also our new cluster presidents, who were there to watch over the office.
They decorated with some Christmas decorations so that we will have Christmas
spirit in the office. I thank Lily’s mother, Nikky’s mother, and Dorothy’s mother who
were there to give moral support to their children.



From Lomi to Liz,

Thank you very much for your hard-working and mothers' support. Please tell them
that we couldn't do such a wonderful work without their support.

 In addition, I'm proud of our children who were brave to come to the dental mission,
even though they were so scared.

I'm sure that they will take care of their teeth to avoid making other cavities. Hopefully,
they won't have any cavities next dental mission.


Good job!!!!!



From Liz to Lomi,

Only 1 tooth was extracted because the child cannot bear the pain and trauma. All
teeth with decay were restored. All children got the oral prophylaxis, meaning their
teeth are cleaned, and they are free of tartar and plaque. Now they know that brushing
teeth after every meal is important. All the children admitted that they don't brush
their teeth during night time because they are lazy. They promised to brush their teeth before bedtime. I am so proud of them because they were all brave, especially Sarha
and Hannah who were smiling after their tooth extraction.

God bless you all and Mabuhay!

Thank you,

Lomi :)


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