The Day Before of the Dental Mission

Hi, I’m Lomi.


It is the first attempt for us to do dental treatment. The dentists will
come with their portable equipment. They have a lot of opportunities
to go to schools or children’s shelters. If we have water and light, they
can treat children’s teeth. They use regular chairs.


I’m so interested in their work, but I’m sorry to say that I’m too far away
to go to see the treatment. So, I’m waiting for Liz’s report.


From Liz,

I am so busy today preparing for the dental check up tomorrow. I will
ensure that every scholar should be given equal attention on this day.
Some of them are scared. Charles's mother asked me if it is okey if
Charles will be absent? I said no because Sapnay is spending a big
amount for this dental checkup. I told her that she should be thankful
because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that her son should not
miss because it could prevent many toothaches in the future. She is also scared of the dentist. That's why she understands why Charles is scared,

Good luck to all of us and thank you for the support you gave to our

scholars. They are very, very lucky!

God bless,

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