Educational Tour

October 27, 2012



At 7:00 am the Presidents of the cluster arrived in the office to cook rice, boil bananas and sweet potatoes. I arrived in the office at 7:10am.
Some of the children were accompanied by their parents.
 S.S donated Fudgee Bar and juice while E.R donated a birthday cake in honor of James birthday on October 31 .
M.B on the other hand donated a loaf of slice bread.
I let Chloe borrow my Sapnay t-shirt because hers was stolen after she washed and hanged it to dry.
Since our game prizes were eaten by a big rat, Chloe and I went to 360 Pharmacy to buy some goodies as replacement. We buy also straw string to tie our banner in front of the bus.
Children were so happy to see their faces on the banner.


 I let the groups form 2 lines with the high school buddy as their leader. The grouping system was very effective. Whenever I call them, I just shout group 1, group 2 and so on. Catherine even bond with her group. She bought some chocolates to give to her groupmates.
We marched to Museo Sugbu. Then I presented our tickets to the guard.
We were sent to the room at the leftside to wait for our tour guide. Children then roam around and read fascinating stories about Filipinos which were on the wall and on the glass of the display glass showcase.

 After 15 minutes, Macy came in and announced that she will be our tour guide. She explained some of the artifacts that are displayed and what Filipinos looked like long time ago. Cebu is rich of gold long time ago. Some gold are put on their teeth to show art even grinding holes on every tooth to fill in gold.
But early Filipinos traded their gold with nails because they are very useful to build houses. Their gold is of no value at all.
It was almost 10:00am, the children were eating their snacks at the right side while I was talking with the tour guide. When we were on the last room, it was about different leaves of the trees that exist in the early days, the children were glad that the journey to the entire museum was over.
 I promised them that snacks will be served inside the bus. The bus arrived at 9:50am while all the children went up inside the bus, again they have seating arrangement according to their group. Snacks were then served, the fudgee bar and juice. While in the bus, I act as their tour guide.
When our bus pass by  known buildings and establishments, I say some few words about the building. We pass by Ayala, Mabolo, University of Cebu, Countrymall, Banilad Town Center, Gullas school of medicine, University of San Carlos and Family Park. Our travel was only 30 minutes.

Bro. Algie noticed that the children are not familiar with the saints he mentioned. He found out that they don’t respect the house of God. They lack Catholic manners and practice. He suggested that I should incorporate on my lectures about our religion. All the children were listening to him and learned so many lessons about saints. He even talked about the San Pedro Calungsod who was canonized. Jack on the other hand was turning white and he said he is hungry because he didn’t ate his breakfast. I raised my hand and told Bro. Algie about it and he hurriedly finished his lecture to the children.

 I let the children proceed to the bus because snacks will be served there. Boiled bananas and sweet potatoes are distributed and we shared softdrinks. I promised them when we arrived at the beach resort, we shall eat first our lunch before they go to swim in the swimming pool. I let my brother broil 21vslices of porkchop as our lunch and I let him buy also 3 lechon manok and 20 pcs of ice. 

 During our journey,  I let group 1 sing their song they prepared for the journey to Green Lagoon. Then followed by group 2 and etc. It is like having a radio during a trip. I distributed 1 pc. of junkfood for every group as their reward. They had so much fun during the trip.

Children in the resprt pool

When we arrived at the resort, the children were then busy changing their beach attire while I was paying for the entrance and pool fees. I told them that we will eat lunch first before going to the pool. It rained before we arrived but during lunchtime, it was steamingly hot.
There were plenty of flies flying around like thousands of them!
When you open the container of food, you have to be fast so that the flies could not enter. We hurriedly distributed the rice, porkchop, lechon manok and spaghetti.
 Mr. Kazu ate only spaghetti and lechon manok. After the children were “busog” they asked permission if they can go to the swimming pool. I accompanied them with their tickets to the pool. The in-charge tied a yarn string around their wrist so that they can go inside and out anytime.
Peach string for the children and green string for the adult. Since I was so tired, I decided not to swim because I have to travel after the tour. I let the cluster presidents take some pictures and held games inside the pool. Group 2 and group 4 won the games. The prizes are distributed inside the bus.

 The children stayed on the pool around 2 ½ hours. During that time, some would go back to the cottage to eat and went back again to the pool. Almost all our food was eaten by the children.
They enjoyed very much playing with the beach ball that Mr. Kazu provided and enjoyed the slide into the pool. The cluster presidents had also a wonderful time.
It was 3:30pm, we called all the children that it is time to go and change their attire. We have our pictures taken. Afterwhich the children went back to the pool again. I have to shout at them that it is time to go. Ava was the last to change, she had a wonderful shower at the side of the pool. I told everyone if they are not finish changing, we will leave them. So at exactly 4pm they were all loaded in the bus.
Around 5:30pm they arrived and some parents are waiting already to fetch their children. It was a successful educational tour, thank God!!.



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